Last Week on #DailyPoll – 12/16/16

Last week on Daily Poll is the compilation post of the polls posted, you guessed it, daily to the PS Nation twitter account. Last week was all about podcasts. Let’s see what you all had to say.

Starting out specific and asking about the PS Nation podcast specifically. Since the polls are posted to twitter and are a link or two detached from the podcast itself, I figured I could ask how often people actually do listen.

A lot of PS Nation faithfuls on Twitter! And perhaps even more surprising than half listening to the podcast weekly are the quarter of the Twitter followers who never listen. I’d be curious what those numbers look like for something like “visit the PS Nation website” and how many followers we have on Twitter who only follow us on Twitter.

To get slightly more general, the next poll was about non-PS Nation but still PlayStation related podcasts. PS Nation is far from the only one and I was interested in if many people listen to multiple PlayStation podcasts or just PS Nation.

I’m not too surprised that almost two thirds listen to at least one other PlayStation related podcast. Even with PS Nation being three hours long most weeks, there’s still a lot more time in the week to listen to other podcasts.

Moving more general, we get to podcasts that are gaming related but not PlayStation centric. There are certainly tons of gaming podcasts out there.

Interesting that the overall percentage that listen to other gaming podcasts is about the same as the previous poll, but slightly more listen to multiple podcasts as opposed to just a single one. Those who listen to podcasts probably try to fill some daily or weekly time with podcasts and will seek out enough content to fill that time.

And finally, going general enough to get past gaming podcasts all together. There are podcasts out there for pretty much every hobby one could imagine, it seems. From things like traveling to sports, to other nerd things like comics.

Again, the overall percentage that listen to other podcasts is about the same as the previous polls, but the percent of those people skews towards multiple podcasts. I’d be interested to hear what other kinds of podcasts our listeners listen to. Feel free to sound off in the comments with some favorites!

One of the points of contention about the PS Nation podcast, that I’ve heard, is the length. Not many weekly podcasts run for two to three hours like PS Nation does. Some people seem to like the length, others don’t. So what is a good length for a podcast?

Very even spread there, with the most coming in the one to two hour range. But even the comment replies were pretty varied with some liking the longer options and some liking the shorter ones. Don’t expect this poll to really reflect anywhere though. I think PS Nation is pretty set in our ways at this point.

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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