The Monthly Question: February 2017


It’s only February and 2017 is shaping up to be an unbelievable year for games. A few anticipated niche Japanese games are already out. February and March seem like a dream for most RPG fans. Who knows what other goodies await us at E3?

To shine a light on great games coming in 2017, I asked the PS Nation writers:

What is your most anticipated game of 2017?
Rey Barrera (PSN ID: sindred)
I want to say Horizon: Zero Dawn. I want to so badly. But Mass Effect has been a favorite series since it launched, so it’s going to have to go to Andromeda.

Also, and I know this is a PlayStation site, but Zelda, baby!

Emrah Rakiposki (PSN ID: Dat_Deerty_Dude)
With a gameplay reveal at E3 2016, I’m hopeful that God of War will be Sony’s big, fall exclusive for 2017. Although we do not have a confirmed, or even rumored, release date or window, I believe that about a sixteen month lead time is an adequate marketing cycle and I’m positive that God of War has at least an internal release target of November 2017.

Third person, linear, action/adventure beat ’em ups are among my favorite style of game, and the boss fight spectacles coupled with the scale of the enemies make God of War one of my most adored franchises. Kratos has been subjected to criticism by the games media because of his one-dimensional characteristics and “boring” revenge tale focus. Although I disagree with this view, I’m excited to see how that feedback will shape his new found demeanor and relationship with his child co-star.

Being a first-party developed title, I know that the game will enjoy PS4 Pro and 4K/HDR enhancements. The closer camera suggests that it will be controlled by the right stick, and the shift to Norse Mythology is an interesting one. Here’s to hoping that we’ll see a 2017 release date at this year’s E3.

Ben Palmer (PSN ID: CNPalmer)
Ah, the dreaded prediction of what my most anticipated game will be in 2017. With such a great line-up of games that I am looking forward to, I don’t know if I can pick just one.

Horizon Zero Dawn looks to be the first title out of the gate that grabbed my attention because it’s a new IP with an interesting back story and characters. Then I played the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta this weekend and that just sucked me in up to my neck. The storyline, expansive world, co-op gameplay and overall fun factor will have me sinking a TON of time into it this year.

Then there’s South Park: The Fractured but Whole. Who can resist four potty mouthed kids with attitudes that are dressed as their own superhero creations. But then later down the line we’ll have Battlefront 2 being released. As a diehard Star Wars fan this might just be my pick of the year seeing as I spent seventy-plus hours playing the first one with the excellent design, levels, and characters that brought me to that galaxy far far away many, many times.

Right now, with what I know and what I’ve played it’s a hard choice between Wildlands and Battlefront 2. I’ll reserve judgement until I have sat down with each one for forty-plus hours to see where my loyalties lie.

John Payant (PSN ID: johnnyp70)
There are, as usual, a lot of great and highly anticipated games on tap for the coming months, and I am sure my brethren here will touch upon a lot of them. I believe my choice will probably not be repeated by anyone. One of my favorite genres of gaming has two big titles scheduled, and they tie as my most anticipated games. I love fighting games, and in May Injustice 2 drops, followed by Tekken 7 in June.

I’m a huge DC Comics fan, so Injustice was right up my alley when Netherrealm released it a few years ago. While longtime Mortal Kombat fans criticized its PG-13 presentation, the gameplay mechanics were solid and the story was decent. Injustice 2 promises the next chapter in the story, character customization, and a deeper roster.

Tekken has been a favorite series of mine since the first game in the series came to the original PlayStation over twenty years ago. There’s really not much to say about the series that people don’t already know. Tekken 7 looks incredible and the fighting mechanics never disappoint. I look forward to a late-spring/early-summer of nonstop fighting action with these two games.

Andy Richardson (PSN ID: andyscout)
Unquestionably Persona 5. I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who jumped on the Persona bandwagon late. I had known of the series for a while but I ended up watching Persona 4 The Animation and kinda got into the series from there. As milked as Persona 4 is, I’ve enjoyed all the spinoffs and the remake, but I’m excited to get to know a new cast and jump into a new RPG.

Honorable mentions go to Horizon: Zero Dawn and South Park: The Fractured but Whole.

Matt Engelbart (PSN ID: WithSwordAndGun)
There is no official release date yet but I believe Detroit: Become Human will come out this fall. Quantic Dream’s last game came out in 2013 so it’s time.

I was blown away by Heavy Rain and while I enjoyed Beyond: Two Souls more than most people, there were some problems with the game. David Cage and his team create games that are unlike anything else. If they take a step back, learn from Beyond: Two Souls, and continue to build on that foundation, Detroit: Become Human has the potential to be something truly amazing.

Michael Cwick (PSN ID: The1stMJC)
I feel that if I name this my most anticipated game of 2017 it’s going to doom it to 2018, but here I go. Red Dead Redemption 2 is my most anticipated game of 2017.

The first Red Dead Redemption is one of my favorite games of all time. The story was damn near perfect and the online surprisingly kept me coming back for years. Now while I am not in full support of a direct sequel, I am still curious to see what Rockstar Games can do with the franchise. I am hopeful the emphasis will not be too heavy on the multiplayer and an amazing story can be delivered, though regardless on the focus, I am a day one buy for Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Thanks as always to John Payant for editing.

Written by Matt Engelbart

Matt Engelbart

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