‘DiRT Rally’ Adds PSVR Support

Available on February 18, the newest DLC for DiRT Rally adds PSVR support to the whole game. This isn’t a special VR only mode or small sliver that’s playable in VR. The whole experience is there to fully immerse yourself in.

The DLC also comes with co-driver mode, an innovative addition that allows viewers of the social screen to assist you around those tight turns and curvy corners. Just like the co-drivers of rally cars who advise from the passenger seat, players will depend on their player 2 for trustworthy advice.

The update is optimized for the PS4 Pro so owners of the new hardware will enjoy crisper and smoother VR visuals. The full package including the base game, the VR update with co-driver mode, and the Fully Loaded Add-on packs are available for only $43.39 from February 18 through February 28. If you already own DiRT Rally, these sweet upgrades will run you $12.99.

Written by Emrah Rakiposki

Emrah Rakiposki

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