Styx: Shards of Darkness – The Making of a Goblin Video

I couldn’t get enough of the nasty little goblin in Styx: Master of Shadows when it came out on the PlayStation 4 back in 2014, and now we finally get the sequel. Check out the latest Making of video and details on Styx: Shards of Darkness and look forward to March 14, 2017, when it releases on the PlayStation 4.

Cyanide Studio, developers of Styx: Shards of Darkness, today share in video form how they envisioned and gave life, personality, and soul to the main character of their game, the witty goblin Styx.

More ambitious than its predecessor in every aspect, Shards of Darkness takes our nimble thief out of the shadows of Akenash and into a bigger world with more skills, a greater bestiary, and more intricate, vertical level design. Shards of Darkness benefits from a larger production and better realization, with a story supplemented by cutscenes in which Styx expresses his trademark wit and snark. Get a sneak peek at his sarcastic, fourth wall breaking humor in the Making of a Goblin video.
You’ll learn why Styx is not the kind of character you’re used to playing, and how his wit outweighs his weaknesses. As a goblin, direct confrontation is the best way to kick the bucket, so you’ll have to study your environment to find the best approach and tools to overcome your enemies.

Discover how this “ugly little green character” adapts to your playstyle, as “you can be the guy that goes in and out through the level getting every item, or the sneaky one who never raises any alarm.” Take advantage of Styx’s acrobatic prowess and rain death from above, or use your tools and abilities to completely avoid detection―it’s entirely up to you. No matter how you play, he’ll be there for the entire journey, poking fun at the player and sometimes his creators, too!

Styx: Shards of Darkness arrives March 14, 2017, to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC! You can preorder the game now on Steam to get exclusive access to the Akenash set containing the outfit and dagger from Styx’s first adventure.

    Key Features

  • A brand new adventure in the universe of a centuries-old goblin assassin, taking you to the city of the Dark Elves
  • New engine: beautiful graphics created in Unreal Engine 4
  • New enemies, new environments, new abilities and improved stealth mechanics for Styx
  • Unique co-op mode – join a friend’s game to sneak and stab through missions together
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