Super Mega Baseball 2 Launch Date Announced

Last September, Metalhead Software announced Super Mega Baseball 2, and that it would be released “sometime in 2017”. Well, they have now narrowed that window down for us, saying (per the press release) the game “will launch this September on PlayStation 4”. Stressing that Super Mega Baseball 2 will have “more realistic presentation, a bevy of new customizable features (players, teams, leagues, etc) and the launch of online multiplayer”, Metalhead is confident this iteration will build on the strong debut they had in 2014.

While it is disappointing we have to wait until the end of the baseball season for this title, it is certainly looking like it will be well worth that wait. Metalhead also provided us with a new video showcasing art and content, which you can check out below. We will be sure to provide any additional information we may receive on this highly anticipated title.


Written by John Payant

John Payant

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