E3 2017: What We’re Hoping to See

E3 2017 is almost upon us and the ‘Countdown to E3’ has begun, so I thought it might be nice to find out what the team is hoping to see this time round, in no particular order.

Please note this article was compiled before any leaks or announcements were revealed and is purely speculation.

Rey B.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Final Fantasy VII Remake release date
4. SEGA goes crazy with classic IPs
3. More full VR Games
2. Ni No Kuni 2
1. Cyberpunk 2077

Biggest surprise will be: BattleFront 2 Full VR support.

Would laugh if: Nintendo announced more than five new console type games for the Nintendo Switch.

At E3, if someone asks you if you’re a god… you say “YES!”

Matthew E.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. More God of War
4. VR! VR! VR!
3. Detroit 2017 release date
2. Whatever Sucker Punch is working on
1. Microsoft shows off Scorpio with VR. With more people having VR, the headsets will be better supported. And competition usually leads to better things for gamers.

Biggest surprise will be: I don’t know but can’t wait to find out. Sony has done a great job over the last few years of having the biggest surprises of E3 and I see no reason that will not happen this year.

Would laugh if: Whatever stupid guest(s) EA has at their conference. I mean really, who thought Hoop Gawd was a good idea?

Nintendo stole my idea for the Vita 2. I love my Vita but I am not sure if I would buy a second one. There are just too many games to play and the Switch seems to be getting a lot of indie support. Why would people looking for a portable buy a Vita 2 over a Switch? Sony would have to put all their first party support behind it and I don’t think Sony can properly support a Vita 2 and PSVR at the same time.
Matt E.

Josh L.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Year-to-Year progress saves in the EA Sports games
4. Resistance Remastered Collection
3. Portal Remastered Collection
2. A new Sly Cooper on the PS4/Vita
1. Whatever Sucker Punch is working on

Biggest surprise will be: A new EA Sports PGA Golf game.

Would laugh if: We go another year without a new EA Sports PGA Golf game.

I like the direction Sony is going in bringing older IP that was mostly only on the PSP over to the PS4 for a whole set of players that may not know them. I’d like to see more of this happening with other publishers as well because there are a ton of great games and franchises there that have been forgotten.

I also think that this is the year we’ll see some major changes in PlayStation Plus. Think about it, all of the new hardware is out, leaving only games to talk about. Microsoft has made some great strides in the “benefits of ownership and subscriptions” side of things so it’s really the right time for Sony to wow us.

A tiered system, access to digital your entire digital library for free through PlayStation Now with a Plus subscription, bundled packages of Plus, Now, and Vue, who knows? But I’d be genuinely surprised if they did nothing at all.

Josh L., @PJFJosh
Josh L.

Shawn H.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Spider-Man
4. Final Fantasy 7 remake
3. Kingdom Hearts 3
2. God of War 3
1. Horizon Zero Dawn story DLC

Biggest surprise will be: FF7 Remake Part 1 will release this year.

Would laugh if: Microsoft says “F it” and quits.

This year should be a good year for games.
Shawn H., @smag99
Shawn H.

Andy R.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Indies
4. Persona 5 Dancing/Arena
3. Horizon Zero Dawn expansion
2. Bloodborne 2
1. Ni no Kuni 2

Biggest surprise will be: Sony decides to stay in the handheld market with a new Vita.

Would laugh if: In a moment of ultimate shade, Sony announces a price drop of the PS4/PS4 Pro to start one week before the Scorpio launches.

While Sony knocked it out of the park for the last couple years, my one complaint is how much they focused on games that were a year or more out. I hope most of the things they show this year are a holiday or early ’18 releases. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch. Hopefully Sucker Punch’s game is close and games like God of War and Detroit are almost complete.

Also, my pie in the sky dream is for another PlayStation All-Stars or a Vita successor. But not only does it seem unlikely, it’ll also be a Tokyo Game Show announcement rather than E3.

Andy R., @andyscout
Andy R.

Ben P.

Top five games I want to see:
5. God of War
4. Days Gone
3. Knack 2
2. Detroit: Become Human
1. Star Wars Battlefront 2

Top five things I want to see:
5. New Handheld (One can dream)
4. PSVR Pro (Upgrades breakout box)
3. New firmware
2. Backwards compatibility (perhaps leveraging Now)
1. Changes to PS+ (Tiered plans, incorporate Vue, Now etc.)

Biggest surprise will be: It actually starts on time. Or, PS5 gets announced. More powerful than Scorpio. Crowd goes insane. Microsoft cries.

Would laugh if: It actually starts on time. Or, they bring back PlayStation Home VR.

You know E3 is gonna happen and you know Sony is gonna bring it. Will they continue to dominate this console generation? One can only hope.
Ben P., @cnpalmer75
Ben P.
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Glenn P.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Good VR games for PlayStation VR
4. Whatever Sucker Punch is working on
3. HDR-capable VR breakout box
2. Socom (in some form, be it a remaster or a new game)
1. Warhawk remaster or new game

Biggest surprise will be: Vita 2 or PS Now being made available in some form for PS Plus subscribers.

Would laugh if: PlayStation TV mentioned.

Our appointment schedule is looking really good already, with some good stuff on the plate. I can’t wait to discover something awesome!
Glenn P., @TorgoPSN
Glenn P.

Chazz H.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Agent from Rockstar Games
4. Spider-Man gameplay
3. Time Crisis series for VR and aim controller compatible
2. Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay reveal and PS4 exclusive content
1. Vita/PSP 2

Biggest surprise will be: PlayStation Now price drop and two-weeks early play on new ‘selected’ PS4 games for subscribers. PlayStation Plus incorporated too.

Would laugh if: Microsoft announce some games and products, which they actually release instead of cancelling months after.

Sony had the right idea with the Vita, it was just a little too early with not enough buttons and a pointless rear touch pad. I want to see an evolution of Cross-Play and Cross-Buy. I know you can do it Sony.

I also cannot wait to see more on Dreams from Media Molecule, will it have PS VR support?

Chazz H., @ChazzH69
Chazz H.

John P.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. New Sucker Punch game
4. New Rocksteady DC game
3. Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay
2. God of War release date
1. Spider-Man gameplay/release date

Michael C.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Uncharted Lost Legacy
4. Super Mario Odyssey aka New Donkey City
3. Any footage of Kingdom Hearts III
2. Spyro Trilogy remaster
1. Spider-Man

Biggest surprise will be: I’ve grown numb to surprises, I don’t think any of the major platforms can do anything to shock me. I fully expect PlayStation to have a solid showcase and for them to bring the games.

If this year’s show is anything like previous years, my favorite thing or surprise will be an Indie game I hadn’t heard of before the convention.

Would laugh if: Sony announces an updated PS VR or an upgrade to the PS4 Pro or they hint at a PS5 to compete with Xbox’s Project Scorpio specs.

I am most interested to see what Microsoft does with Project Scorpio. Project Scorpio on paper sounds like a major change and upgrade in comparison to the PS4 Pro. I am curious as to how Microsoft will position what is essentially a new console generation. They want to forget about the Xbox One and Scorpio could be just what they need unless its specs are going to require a significantly higher price point.
Michael C., @The1stMJC
Michael C.

That’s all folks, I hoped you enjoyed the post and didn’t mind Ben having two lists and my constant wish for a Vita 2. We all want to know what Sucker Punch is working on and more on Spider-Man from Insomniac Games.

Why not let us know what you’re hoping to see during E3 2017?

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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