The Monthly Question: June 2017

“Games as a service” has become a buzzword, and after the success of games like Destiny and The Division, it’s not hard to see why. While innovation and new ways to enjoy games are great, there is something satisfying about finishing a game. You start the game, enjoy the story, and crush the final boss.

With so many games coming out and so little time, it’s easy to move on after beating a game and never look back. Yet there are a few reasons to replay a campaign such as New Game Plus, Trophies, or you just really enjoyed the game.

To shine a light on our thoughts on campaigns, I asked the PS Nation writers:

Do you ever replay campaigns?
Sarahy Lopez @saritheslayer
RPGs like Kingdom Hearts and the Dragon Age series are memorable and fun and have multiple sequels/spin-offs. I usually like playing them in the order which they released. Sometimes I go back for the Trophies, but most of the time it’s for personal enjoyment or to relive those memories of when I first picked up those games. Games like Dragon Age have multiple beginnings and endings, so it’s awesome to explore all of the possibilities.

I replay for the nostalgia otherwise even if I don’t finish the campaigns, there’s a certain point during quests where I point out spots where I struggled or succeeded. Sometimes you just want to go back to something familiar, either to relax or to reexperience the game in a new way.

Andy Richardson (PSN ID: andyscout)
These days, it’s very rare that I replay a story-based game. There are many I’d love to, I just don’t often find the time amidst my ever growing backlog. The exceptions are remasters or ports which can sometimes get me to replay a game. Non story-based games stand a better chance. I’ll often revisit older rhythm games and I like or pop in a fighting game for a couple matches. It’s just less of a time commitment compared to even a short five to six hour story campaign.

Ben Palmer (PSN ID: CNPalmer)
For me, I won’t replay a full story campaign unless I am looking to 100% the game for certain Trophies, etc. I wouldn’t consider that particular example a valid “replay” scenario since I wasn’t really playing it again for the story aspect.

Even if a sequel or another entry in a series gets released, I doubt I would go back to play the game again to get a refresher on the storyline, that just isn’t the type of gamer I am. However, I would definitely replay a story or game if there are different endings or story lines to explore.

The Telltale games are great for that sort of replay experience where you can get almost completely different outcomes with different character groups. I did this for every one of the games as they were released on PS4, PS3, and Vita, making different choices and dialog options for each playthrough. It was a fun experience to see how that affected scenarios further into the game chapters.

Rey Barrera (PSN ID: sindred)
I very rarely replay campaigns with the exception of the original Zelda and Ocarina of Time. Recently though, I did start The Witcher 3 over because that’s a campaign I don’t mind repeating, particularly with such a nice New Game+.

Michael Cwick (PSN ID: The1stMJC)
I have a shortlist of games that I play again when time allows it. It’s tough to make time to replay a single player campaign because it’s such a bigger commitment than say watching a TV show or movie again. When replaying a game you can’t really do anything else since it requires full attention.

Usually it needs to be something special to get me to replay it like Uncharted 2 or Kingdom Hearts 2. Those are two titles that I’ve gone through multiple times because of how good they are.

Then there are terrible games that I go through because I can enjoy bad games too. One that comes to mind is called Rogue Warrior. It’s awful, but I’ve played through it multiple times. It’s short and is absolute trash, but it reminds me how bad a game can be and makes me more appreciative of the good ones.

Matt Engelbart (PSN ID: WithSwordAndGun)
Ever since I hung up my Trophy hunting cap, I don’t really replay games anymore. I know Trophies mean a lot to some people but personally, I’d rather play another great game instead of replaying a game just for a Gold Trophy. There are only two games in the last year that I have replayed.

The first is the remake of Ratchet and Clank. The game was simply pure joy and I wanted to finish leveling all the crazy weapons to see what they could do. The other game is Nier: Automata. I have never played a game like this before. You have to play through the game three times to get the full story and each time is different. Each time you play as a different character with a different play style and experience a different part of the story. There is some overlap but I have to keep playing to find out what is really going on.

Your Turn
These are our thoughts on replaying campaigns. What are yours? Tell us in the PS Nation Forums.

Thanks as always to John Payant for editing.

Written by Matt Engelbart

Matt Engelbart

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