E3 2017: PlayStation Wrap-Up

Today’s E3 2017 festivities came to a close with the Sony PlayStation media event. With very little talking, Sony decided to let the games speak for themselves and I’m sure there were some crowd pleasers in the mix.

Charging out of the box was the latest entry into the Uncharted series with Uncharted The Lost Legacy. Looking just as good as its predecessors, this will surely help drive the franchise further into the hearts of fans everywhere.


From there we headed back to the land of the Tallnecks and the place Aloy calls home. Here we got to see the first glimpse of the extension to Horizon Zero Dawn titled Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds. This looks just as good as the original storyline and the new DLC will be available this year.


Doing a complete 180, we go on a journey from robots to zombies with an extended gameplay look at Days Gone from Bend Studio. Here we get to see some stealth action akin to Assassin’s Creed as well as survival aspects ala The Last of Us.


Next in the lineup was a game that many were guessing as to what it could be based on the stylized graphics, open world feel and ever present beasts of all sizes. Turns out Monster Hunter World from Capcom will grace the PS4 in early 2018.


And carrying on the theme of giant monsters, out of nowhere comes one of the most loved games of the PlayStation 2 era, Shadow of the Colossus with a completely remastered look to bring it to today’s graphical standards.


Next we were treated to one of the biggest names in fighting franchises with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. The graphics were just as compelling as the story line and I’m sure Marvel fans everywhere will be lining up to get their fight game on as the story demo was available to download today!


From the comic driven world of Marvel we jumped to the all too real shores of Normandy and the theater of war that becomes the next entry in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty WWII. Sledgehammer did a fantastic job and the game is sure to be another hit for the team.


Next up was where PlayStation started to diverge from the typical game lineup and dive head first into show boating the capabilities of what PlayStation VR is capable of achieving. We were treated to teasers of several high profile games including Elder Scrolls Skyrim VR, Starchild, Monsters of the Deep and Moss. Two of the standouts that were exclusive to PSVR were The Inpatient, a psychological thriller that is sure to mess with your mind and Bravo Team, a tactical based shooter with cover based elements.



We snapped out of the virtual reality and back into the world of Kratos with another look at the upcoming God of War. There was nothing but action, multiple melee combat attacks and lot of gore as we learned what it is like to be a warrior.


One of the more anticipated and unique titles comes from the mind of David Cage at Quantic Dream. Detroit Become Human looks to present a brand new take on how player choice affects gameplay and future outcomes more so than any other offering to date.


It wouldn’t be an E3 without some Destiny news and Destiny 2 was shown again teasing the upcoming story along with a slew of PlayStation exclusives such as the Lake of Shadows strike, Borealis exotic weapon, Retribution PvP map and additional character gear.


Closing out the event was one of the titles that was teased last year which looked just as fantastic as ever. This is another blockbuster title exclusive to PlayStation that will see a 2018 release and is none other than our favorite web-slinger Spider-Man.


Sony did what it does best, showcase great games that are exclusive to their PlayStation ecosystem. Even though next to nothing was said about hardware or services such as PS+, PS Now or PS Vue, you have to think what the team may have up their sleeves waiting in the wings for PSX later this year. Stay tuned to PS Nation for all your E3 2017 coverage with more news to come from the team in LA at the E3 event.

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Written by Ben Palmer

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