E3 2017: Ubisoft Wrap-Up

This afternoon kicked off with the E3 2017 presentation from Ubisoft. What started out as a slow progression picked up speed near the end and they had a few surprises in store for everyone.

Coming out strong, Ubisoft announced a partnership with Nintendo in bringing the worlds of the Rabbids and Mario together in the upcoming Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. This will be a Switch exclusive title but what they showed was definitely sharp looking with a mix of strategy and tactical turn-based combat.


Next in line was some further coverage of the annual favorite AC entry with Assassin’s Creed: Origins. We got to see an extended look at Egypt and the territory we’ll be covering once the game releases on October 27. The Ubisoft team also had an extended gameplay showing after the main press event.


Hot on the heels of the AC trailer came the next entry into the motor sports world of The Crew with, you guessed it, The Crew 2. This time the game goes beyond driving with the inclusion of stunt planes, dirt bikes, speed boats, monster trucks and dune buggies.


Then we got another showing of those foulmouthed kids from the little town we’ve come to know and love as South Park. South Park: The Fractured But Whole is definitely one of those games you don’t want to be playing around the kiddos and the humor is definitely over the top hilarious. This is a must buy on October 17 for anyone who is a fan of the show.


A new entry for Ubisoft which looked extremely intriguing is Transference. A collaboration project with SpectreVision looks to bridge the gap between movies and games while delivering a psychological thriller all in a VR environment. Prepare for your mind to be blown coming spring 2018.


Probably the first showstopper moment was the big reveal of the high seas, pirate combat, loot filled Skull and Bones. The game looked gorgeous, the sound and dialog were amazing and the mechanics of captaining a ship appeared to be tons of fun. This is definitely one to keep an eye out for, even if just for the sea monsters.


Completely jumping ship and right into a dance club, the latest body moving entry Just Dance 2018 came out in club house style.


If the first South Park teaser wasn’t enough and you need to get your fix while on the go, Ubisoft has you covered with their entry into the mobile space with South Park: Phone Destroyer. Part card game, park combat, part crude humor, this will probably make its way onto a lot of fans’ mobile devices when it is released later this year.


Another new entry shown was a space exploration game titled Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Other than your typical space combat and flying mechanics what set this title apart is the toys to life aspect it brought with it, allowing actual ships that attached to your controller to be customized and those changes then replicated directly in the game.


Coming out of hyperspace, Ubisoft detailed some new information regarding the first expansion coming to Steep titled, Steep: Road to the Olympics Expansion. The expansion will be available just ahead of the Olympics on December 5 of this year.


Taking a completely different turn, we were treated to some new gameplay footage of the upcoming Far Cry 5. The cult-tastic entry showed off some co-op character mechanics and featured a canine companion who can fetch an AR-15. Montana will never be the same again.


And perhaps the highlight of the event, even more so than the Nintendo cross-over was the huge reveal of Beyond Good and Evil 2. The game was just drop dead gorgeous, characters were alive and felt almost too real and the voice acting was spectacular. This will be high up on anyone’s list especially if your a fan of the series.


In all the conference had a bit of slow start, definitely some lulls in the action, but overall Ubisoft showed off what they are best at – open-world, come to life games with great artwork, characters and sound design. Here’s looking forward to these releases in the coming months. Stay tuned to PS Nation for all your E3 2017 coverage.

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Written by Ben Palmer

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