IBM’s Watson Technology Comes to Star Trek: Bridge Crew

In the biggest surprise to the alpha quadrant today, Ubisoft announced they will be partnering with IBM to bring Watson interactive speech technology to Star Trek: Bridge Crew for what they are calling an “experimental beta period.”

For those not familiar, IBM’s Watson is the technology company’s major initiative into machine learning, natural language processing, and other areas of artificial intelligence. Watson is most famous for being a contestant on the gameshow Jeopardy, which it won. Since then IBM has been working on practical application for this technology, from the healthcare industry, now to video games.

Players will be able to use their voice and natural language commands to interact with NPC members of the crew. IBM Watson services can be used in an all-AI crew and with a mix of AI and real life players. The hope is that this will create a new level of immersion in the game.

Check out the video below to find out more about this project, and how it works in the game.

Written by Sam Jividen

Sam Jividen

Musical guy, went to college for it. Now like many musicians I’m working at a tech startup.

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