The Monthly Question: July 2017

With the announcement of the SNES Classic Mini, it’s hard not to reminisce about old PlayStation games. To make things harder I only allowed each writer to submit one game. Just one.

To shine a light on which games we are nostalgic for, I asked the PS Nation writers:

What game would you want in a PS1 Classic Mini?
Rey Barrera (PSN ID: sindred)
Cool topic but you made it difficult 🙂

Probably Chrono Cross.

Shawn Hiers (PSN ID: Smag99)
My favorite PS1 game has to be Chrono Cross. A semi-sequel to Chrono Trigger, this RPG had a fantastic story and a told a excellent tale. Along with the story, the gameplay is top notch as well. In my mind this game belongs with some of the greatest RPGs of all time.

Sam Jividen (PSN ID: SinfoniaSam)
Spyro! I remember playing this at a friend’s house since I didn’t have a PSOne. This is the game I would have the most neuralgia for.

Ben Palmer (PSN ID: CNPalmer)
Going to have to go with Spyro The Dragon. That little purple dude was a good platformer with a lot of character.

Glenn Percival (PSN ID: Torgo)
It’s gotta be Ridge Racer, which is still one of my favorite games on the original PlayStation.

Chazz Harrington (PSN ID: ChazzH69)
There are quite a few games that, when I think about it, don’t hold up today and would be horrible to play again.

I was going to say Crash Bandicoot but the recently released remaster covers that perfectly. So I choose…
Crash Team Racing

John Payant (PSN ID: johnnyp70)
9/9/95: I remember it like it was yesterday. My friend and I purchased our Sony PlayStations when the store (Lechmere, which doesn’t exist today) opened that Saturday morning. We were two of only three people waiting outside. How times have changed.

From there, we proceeded to a local games store and picked up our launch titles. That is where my game of choice comes from. Not the greatest game of its genre, Battle Arena Toshinden is still one I remember fondly.

We played it incessantly when the system launched, barely touching our other launch games. It was great to be able to play a 3D fighting game. We would constantly have marathon sessions with Sofia, Rungo, Ellis, etc. Of course, the Street Fighter and Tekken games that came to PlayStation were better, but Toshinden will always have a place in my heart.

Matt Engelbart (PSN ID: WithSwordAndGun)
Sadly I never owned a PS1, though a few of my friends did. Out of all the games I played on the PS1, MediEvil is still one of my favorites.

Whenever my mom would go to Sears she would leave me at the PS1 demo unit and I would play through the MediEvil demo over and over again. A few years later one of my friends got it for his birthday. I stayed up the entire night marathoning through the rest of the game.

Your Turn
These are a few of the games that we would want on a PS1 Classic Mini. How about yours? Tell us in the PS Nation Forums.

Thanks as always to John Payant for editing.

Written by Matt Engelbart

Matt Engelbart

I love all things video games. When I am not gaming I am watching the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals, BBQing, and reading.

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