Episode 536 – Uv Got Codes

Episode 536 - Uv Got Codes

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New Releases
Sonic Mania: Collector’s Edition $69.99
Sudden Strike 4 $59.99
Agents of Mayhem $59.99
HORI Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa Arcade FightStick for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC Officially Licensed by Sony $169.99
Rogue Stormers $29.99 (August 18)
World to the West $29.99 (August 18)
Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma $39.99 (August 18)

HZD: The Frozen Wilds hits in November http://play.st/2vyXLvu
For Honor is free to play this weekend for Plus subs http://play.st/2vz2tcu

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*Break music from Monster Lair*

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26:31 – Horizon Zero Dawn
27:30 – For Honor
47:55 – Rainbow Six: Siege
51:03 – Battlefield 4
54:56 – TitanFall 2
Break music from Monster Lair
1:10:30 – Warhawk
Comedy clip from Monty Python

Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

Just a guy that loves games, movies, Golf, Football, and Baseball.

Editor-in-Chief, Video Producer, and whipping-boy

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