JYDGE coming to the PlayStation 4

Check out the trailer and details on the upcoming game from 10tons called JYDGE. If you are in the US then I strongly urge you to have a look at the pre-order on the PlayStation Store that entitles you to the full games of Crimsonland and Neon Chrome.

Create your own play-style by augmenting your JYDGE, modifying your Gavel rifle, and choosing fearless companions to suit the tasks at hand.

  • Choose your cybernetics, items, weapon mods, and companions from over a BILLION different configurations.
  • Deal ruthless Jystice with lead, rockets, lasers, electricity, and other deadly tools of the law.
  • Perform heroic feats to get extra medals and unlock new equipment.
  • Team up with your CO-JYDGE for local co-op.
  • Written by Chazz Harrington

    Chazz Harrington

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