Andrew House Stepping Down from Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony announced that Andrew House will be stepping down from his current role as President and Chief Executive Officer and be replaced by current Deputy President John (Tsuyoshi) Kodera effective immediately.

This move marks the end of Andrew House’s twenty-seven year career at Sony. House took over the PlayStation brand in 2011 and was a key figure in guiding the PlayStation 4 to its current position as the leading console this generation. John Kodera has been with Sony since 1992 where he started in the portable audio arm of the company. He has been working with the PlayStation brand since 2010 when he began working in the Sony Network Entertainment International department.

Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO, Sony Corporation said:

“When I passed the baton of leadership for Sony Computer Entertainment to Andrew House in 2011, I was confident that I was leaving the PlayStation business in the best possible hands, and so it has proved. I’m extremely grateful to Andy for the great contribution he has made to evolving the PlayStation business, and firmly positioning it as one of the drivers of our future growth. Andy and I go back more than 20 years and spent much of this time together, dedicating ourselves to ensuring the success of the PlayStation business. I would like to thank Andy for his contribution over many years, and wish him every success in the future. John Kodera has led Sony’s network service business since 2013 and played a pivotal role in its growth. He is a truly global executive, possessing strategic understanding, strength of conviction and outstanding leadership capabilities. Since his appointment as Deputy President of SIE last year, alongside Andy he has also been responsible for the company’s overall business strategy and product planning. With the significance of network services increasing across the entire Sony Group, I believe that John is ideally equipped to build on the foundations Andy has left in place, and drive Sony’s game and network services business to further growth and excitement going forward.”

Andrew House will remain with the company as Chairman until the end of 2017 to “ensure a smooth transition.”

Source: Press Release

Written by Michael Cwick

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