Review: Secretlab TITAN Chair

Review: Secretlab Titan Chair

Product: TITAN
Release Date: July 2016
Manufacturer: Secretlab (UK Site)
Original MSRP: $490.00
This product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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To celebrate the launch of their UK site, Secretlab sent me a TITAN gaming chair for review.

I’m not exactly a little man and have suffered from a bad back for many years. Sitting on an old creaky PC chair for hours at a time probably didn’t help, neither did the many pizzas and burgers, but that‘s beside the point because I’m not here to talk about my overindulgences.

What I want to tell you about is the pure comfort and bliss of a TITAN Secretlab chair that I am lucky enough to review. I received a large box containing the chair, instructions, and multifunction tool to fit it together.

All of the parts were secured and protected without any chance of movement in transit. I was pleasantly surprised to see links to instructional videos to complement the clear and concise instructions with sharp images of each step.

I took about the length of an episode of Friends to construct the chair, it happened to be on at the time. Within those twenty or so minutes, I didn’t get stressed or confused with any steps nor did I need any help. It was an easy one-person job.

I’ve had to get by with a rigid and very squeaky PC chair that began to slowly sink if anyone sat on it and lost any kind of shape or cushion support within what seemed like a month or two. Admittedly it wasn’t the most expensive choice but they all seemed the same, aside from plastic or metal armrests and the quality of leather.

My back couldn’t take more than half an hour at most before I had to stand up and painfully stretch. The idea of leaning back even just a little made me feel like the precariously-balanced boulder in a Road Runner cartoon, just one millimeter more and down I would go. That’s not the case with the TITAN, I reclined almost as far as the chair would allow and didn’t falter.

I prefer to keep my back as straight as possible, a feat that was almost impossible in my old chair as the backrest was low and too far back, it couldn’t be adjusted and when I did exert any pressure on it the feeble tilt on the base always made me feel off-balance.

It’s quite the opposite with the far superior TITAN. I can adjust the full-length backrest to my liking, leaning slightly forward and tilting the base back so I sink into the chair like a mother cradling her child.

The stitching on the PRIME PU leather upholstery is exquisite and the cold-cure foam has been shaped perfectly, even for my larger frame. The TITAN also features a taller backrest that includes an integrated lumbar adjustment dial. It’s perfect for my back, especially after a long shift at work.

The silent and smooth XL casters are fixed to a seventy-centimeter aluminum base that feels sturdy and secure. Combine that with a thick tubular steel frame and I have no worries when it comes to resting my derriere on it.

I’m not used to such comfort. I could happily spend an absurd amount of time in this beauty and I even look forward to it. Is that weird? Writing this and many other reviews, playing some PS4 via Remote Play, and some procrastination until the wee hours and it still feels just as comfortable as when I first sat down.

I love that I can adjust the armrests in almost every conceivable way via an assortment of buttons. Secretlab throws in one of their velour head pillows for free, and it’s the icing on a rather expensive and beautifully crafted cake.

I would have never considered such a premium chair for myself and naively opted for what I thought was just like any other. How different could it really be? Well, my eyes are now open and I can never go back.

If only Secretlab made sofas.

After eighteen months this chair has not squeaked, groaned, or failed me. The cold-cure foam has never lost its shape and is still extremely comfortable. Had I known all of this back then, I would have given it a ten.


Written by Chazz Harrington

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