NYCC 2017: Museum of Lore

NYCC 2017: Museum of Lore

For the uninitiated, Lore is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning podcast that explores the real-life historical origins of some of the darkest and most twisted legends to show people how they have their roots in true stories.

The podcast has now been brought to life as part of a new Amazon Prime Video series which premieres October 13, 2017. Amazon pulled out all the stops and the show is being put together by a stellar groups of producers and actors including producer Gale Anne Hurd and actors Robert Patrick, Kristin Bauer von Straten, Holland Roden and more.

The initial six episodes explore lobotomies, haunted houses, werewolves, and more. As part of the promotion for the series, Amazon set up the Museum of Lore near the main public entrance to NYCC which helped gather a good crowd.

After a brief video introduction and background on the podcast and intentions of the show, we were taken from room to room in groups of five. The “set design” was pretty excellent though I would have liked it if things were a little darker. The first room had a doll that was apparently alive and we even had to ask permission to take a picture.

I felt incredibly uncomfortable for the actress because all I could think about when I was in there is how hard it must be to play that part and say those lines over and over all day long. She did a great job but I really felt for her having to stay in character as groups of us nerds, many in cosplay, are shuffled in and out of the room.

The second room was filled with mirrors and was much darker and it even had one of the cooler effects. After scanning our wristband, slightly breaking the illusion, a mirror in the corner of the room spelled out our names backwards because, “They’re always there, on the other side.”

The final room had a feast spread out across a table but a closer look revealed bloody fingers and other body parts along with glasses full of eyeballs. We took turns sitting at the head of the table for a picture that was then emailed as a video which you can see below.


This was a pretty cool experience and while I’d heard about Lore I never had the time to give it a listen. Everything I saw and heard at the “museum” got me very interested and I’ll be watching the show and listening to the podcast as soon as possible. Check out a quick run through of the experience below.


Written by Josh Langford

Josh Langford

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