Virry VR: Feel the Wild Receives a Free Update

Take a look at all of the details for the free update coming to Virry VR: Feel the Wild for PlayStation VR. Stay tuned to PS Nation for my review of this captivating experience.

Fountain Digital Labs is happy to announce the first major update to the Webby award-winning and BAFTA 2017 nominated Virry VR: Feel the Wild on PlayStation VR.

“In years gone by we envisioned an ‘electronic safari’ where people could encounter nature from afar so that wild animals could be left in peace. I’m happy to say that day has come. Well done, Virry. I am dazzled by the experience.of the natural world.”

Founder of The Gorilla Organization

Jillian Miller, The Gorilla Organization
Jillian Miller

Releasing on November 10th in the US and Europe, this free update brings some highly requested features to the experience which are all detailed below.


  • When starting your journey, you’ll be asked about your mood – whether you’re happy, sad, stressed, tired, etc. then later on you’ll be asked again.
  • You can monitor changes in your mood while spending time relaxing on the magnificent savannah in Kenya and progress can be tracked in the Settings menu.
  • This will give you the ability to see how your experiences with the animals or just meditating by a waterfall can have a positive impact on your well being which we were able to see in internal testing*

    Voice-over Options

  • The voice-over informs you about the different animals you’re seeing and the threats to their existence.
  • You now have the option to switch the voice-over and conservation questions on or off entirely at any time for a more immersive experience.

    3D controller

  • The inclusion of a new animal themed virtual DualShock 4 controller creates a better body/object presence in order to make you feel more in touch with the world. Plus it looks cool!

    Meditative music

  • Written by the award-winning new age composer Japetus, all new music has been added to the relaxation experience.


  • Rock, pop, heavy metal, smooth jazz, J-Pop? If you’re looking to personalize your experience with the animals or as you sit by the water, Spotify can be used to add your own soundtrack.
  • Virry will detect when you’re using Spotify and automatically mute the default music in the relaxation experience.

    Live Stream Camera Updates

  • The Live Stream camera feeds have been stabilized and a time loop has been added giving you more opportunities to see the animals at the Conservancy.

    Direct Donations

  • The Live Stream cameras are now available for free for your first 15 minutes.
  • The cost after that is $2.50 per month or $3.50 per month to donate $1 to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, home to the endangered animals seen within the Virry experience.

    *Mood-o-Meter Internal Testing
    For one of our newest features, the development team ran an informal test internally where employees were asked to use the Virry app and the new Mood-o-Meter as often as possible for a month and answer its questions truthfully. Just over 90% who started a session in a negative mood (stressed, sad, etc.) transformed to a positive outlook by the time they finished. On top of that, 65% interacted with at least one animal per day while at work and saw a marked improvement in their general mood and overall outlook by the end of the month.

    Do you spend your days in a cubicle? Do you need to retreat from everything going on in the world and recharge for a bit? Why not spend your evenings sitting by a waterfall? Get in touch with the natural world in a refreshing 360° River Walk or Tree Walk. The relaxation mode in Virry is the best way to escape the pressures of everyday life for a while to center yourself.

    Throughout much of human history, the vast majority of the planet was much more connected with nature as we lived a more rural existence. As late as 1800, only 3% of the world’s population was living in an urban area. According to the United Nations, as of 2014 at least 54% of the world lives in urban areas, and that number keeps increasing. We’re losing touch with animals and nature and we’re less aware as a society of how important biodiversity is for all life on this planet.

    With Virry VR: Feel the Wild, you’ll head to the African Savannah to interact, feed, and safely engage with wild and endangered species in their natural habitats. You’ll also learn about the animals and the most pressing conservation issues while developing an empathic attitude towards nature and the importance of its preservation.

    Filmed in stunning 4K at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, Virry VR: Feel the Wild brings an amazing set of virtual experiences and interactions with seven different animal species including elephants, lions, zebras, rhinos, and more. These are real animals and you’ll get closer to them than you ever thought possible.

    Your connection to nature and involvement doesn’t have to end there. Subscribe to the three live HD-cameras installed at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and check in on the very same animals you just met in Virry any time day or night. Live cameras have a 15 minute free trial period after which subscriptions are $2.50 (USD) per month or $3.50 (USD) per month to donate $1.00 (USD) to Lewa.

    Winner of the Webby People’s Voice Award 2017 in ‘VR: Gaming, Interactive, or Real-time’ and nominee for the upcoming 2017 BAFTA Awards in ‘Interactive’, Virry VR: Feel the Wild launched on PlayStation 4 on April 4, 2017 for $9.99 (USD). This is the first major update to Virry since its release and we’ll have some other big news coming in December.

    Written by Chazz Harrington

    Chazz Harrington

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