So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

I’ve always said that when this (PS Nation) isn’t fun anymore, I’m done. Well folks, I’ve realized over the past few months that this really isn’t fun for me anymore. My new job requires more of my time than past jobs, and with my left hand not working well, my gaming and writing have severely suffered. I’m finding it incredibly difficult to even effectively play a video game anymore, and well, that’s kind-of the core of what we’re doing here. I’m always behind no matter what it is, and quite frankly, my heart’s just not into this anymore.

The other problem that I’m dealing with is the fact that my Neurologist(s) warned that I “might” suffer from Depression after my stroke, and unfortunately, that’s become my reality. I haven’t revealed this to anyone (not even my Parents) but I think that it’s important for people to know how much your mental health can affect your life. I’ve seen professionals, but it’s starting to seem that there isn’t much that can be done because of the part of my brain that was affected (meds don’t work at all, and talking about it doesn’t seem to be working either). At the snap of a finger, I can fall very deep into a sense of loneliness and despair, with no perceived way out. Things have gotten very dark a few times, and it’s been suggested that I get rid of as much stress as I can to help the healing process along. Quite literally, it has a paralyzing effect on me, and I’ve fallen into somewhat of a tailspin.

So, effective February 1, 2018 I will no longer be writing for the website or appearing on the podcast. But, I value this community more than most other things in my life, and I’ll definitely still be a part of it whenever and wherever possible (if you’ll still have me). All social media will remain active, and depending on what the rest of the crew wants to do, the website/forums will stay up as well. There’s talk of some familiar voices on our staff taking the podcast over, and I’ll be doing some things to help that process along if that’s truly what they want to do.

I’ll still be at MGC every year, and I can still coordinate events etc for sure, and we’ll still be playing for the kids in Extra Life as well. Obviously, I won’t be at E3 anymore, but we’ll see if maybe I can get my ass to PSX occasionally.

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us in terms of responsibilities, technical stuff, accounting, etc, and honestly, this is another reason that I didn’t hold a raffle for Extra Life this year. The timing didn’t jive with the huge amount of personal responsibilities on my plate right now, and I just didn’t have enough time to try and transfer those tasks to someone else effectively.

If the crew decides not to continue, I’ll keep all of the affiliate links active for as long as possible, which can be used to keep the website/forums and podcast file hosting live. I will actively manage all of that as long as they live too.

I sincerely want to thank everyone, from our dedicated staff to our amazing community. PS Nation has afforded me so many friends online and in real life, and it has allowed me to live somewhat of a dream, even at my old age.

Also, I can’t even begin to put into words how much I appreciate the friendships that I’ve been able to build with so many great people in the gaming biz over the years. These are folks that I hope to keep in touch with forever too, but I’m sure that many of them will be happy they don’t have to put up with me anymore 🙂 Everyone has treated us so incredibly well over the years, and I still can’t fully understand why, even this many years into it.

Special thanks to my friend Jeff Rubenstein for helping us get our foot in the door at Sony, and for always having our back, even after he left PlayStation. Also, a huge Thank You goes out to Andrew Yoon (I miss you dude!) and the rest of the PS3Fanboy crew, for your guidance and collaboration when we were so young. It was a huge opportunity that, although it didn’t last very long, benefitted us in innumerable ways. Also, thanks much to the Team Fremont crew (or whatever they call themselves now) for being great friends. I wish that we still hung-out like we used to (miss you Hilden!!)

To Cade Peterson and Jack Buser, who put their trust in us idiots to start the Community Theater in PlayStation Home, holy crap what a ride! The “intro video” that Joel, Josh, and myself shot and produced is still one of my most cherished memories (eat that cheese!!). Even though I was terrible at editing video and getting something submitted on a regular basis, it was still an amazing experience!

Thank you to all of my co-hosts, past and present. Thanks to Jarrod for suggesting the idea of starting the podcast, and for giving us our most enduring meme (Minecarts yo!) Thanks to Mark for being a great friend for all of these years, and for making me feel almost like a part of the family. Thanks to Joel for bringing perspective to things, and for his continued friendship, which means the world to me. And, thanks to Josh for his persistence and tenacity. Keeping a regular, weekly podcast schedule for all of these years isn’t easy, but we did it (with only 1 exception).

Honestly, it’s been almost 11 years for me (almost 1/4th of my life), but I kinda want my life back. I never have free time at all, and there are some things that I would love to do that I’ve never had time for. Also, for me, 11 years is enough. It’s been an amazing run, but I do feel like I’ve plateaued a bit. There was never any intention to make this “my job” or for it to lead to a career in gaming. Even though a few opportunities came and went, I’m perfectly fine with how things have worked-out. The worst part is that I’m going to miss all of those great people that I only get to see at events like E3. All of the PR Managers, all of the devs that I’ve gotten to know, and everyone else at especially PlayStation that have always had our back. Simply writing this is making me tear-up, and it makes me wish that I lived closer to everyone so that I could hang-out with some of those folks again.

I want to make sure this is clear, that even though I won’t be doing the podcast or writing reviews on a regular basis, I still plan to “be around” on our Social Media, our forums, streaming on our channels, and possibly pop-in for an occasional Op-Ed or Review if I get the urge. PS Nation is in my blood, and it always will be.

I envision my future pretty simply at the moment, to use the vacation time that I get each year to travel as much as I can. I still want to drive the PCH from San Diego to Seattle, and I’d love to drive Route 66. Also, as soon as I buy a new place, I may take some steps to get into some more BBQ competitions. But we’ll see. One thing that I know for sure is that I can finally work on my ridiculous gaming backlog, and that can probably take me through another 10 years.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You! Now get out there and play some games!


“The whole world is a circus if you look at it the right way. Every time you pick up a handful of dust, and see not the dust, but a mystery, a marvel, there in your hand, every time you stop and think, “I’m alive, and being alive is fantastic!” Every time such a thing happens, Mike, you are part of the Circus of Dr. Lao”

Written by Glenn Percival

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