PSX 2017: Jupiter & Mars | Announce Trailer

At PSX 2017 Tigertron revealed a new game titled Jupiter & Mars for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

You take on the role of dolphins named Jupiter and Mars in an underwater adventure discovering remnants of manmade machinery and righting the wrongs of the past. Currently scheduled for release in May 2018, keep an eye out for more information as we approach the release window.

Checkout the announce trailer here.


Read the press release below.

My name is James Mielke, and I’m the creative director of a new studio (well, established in 2015, but still new’ish) called Tigertron, and what we’re doing is creating the kinds of games we grew up loving and have been inspired by, with environmental activism as part of our DNA. Take our debut title Jupiter & Mars, for example. It’s an adventure game with both action and puzzle elements, set in a fantastic, futuristic, neon world where most everything is underwater. For us, the game always comes first, but our games, like Jupiter & Mars, are inspired by topics like climate change and plastic pollution. We’re not going to hit you over the head with overt messaging, or trip into the realm of edutainment. Instead, we’re taking modern, ecological concerns and designing cutting-edge games around these scenarios in the hopes of creating thought-provoking game worlds that simply inspires players to wonder “Could this happen?”

Jupiter & Mars is a game concept I have been working towards for the past seven years or so. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR platforms were the right place to debut this concept, and after two years of working on making this game a reality, it’s a real relief to take the lid off of it and show it to the world. While it’s playable in non-VR, it really shines when you put the headset on. You’re suddenly in a vibrant, pulsating underwater world where you’ll see familiar places in an all-new context, and that’s pretty exciting when you’re in a virtual reality setting. We’re really putting the work in to make this a 360-degree experience, offering equal parts visuals, audio, and haptic feedback.

Everywhere you look are sunken remnants of mankind’s past, populated by sea creatures big and small, and illuminated by evolved lifeforms that have assimilated into their being centuries worth of chemicals, plastics, metals and everything else humans have dumped in the oceans. While the world’s oceans have begun to reclaim and restore themselves, some particularly stubborn remnants of mankind’s technological past still remain. It’s up to our heroes, Jupiter and Mars, two evolved dolphins (one player-controlled, the other your hybrid player-controlled/AI partner) to make things right.

If you’re familiar with any of the projects I’ve been a part of in my past, like Q Entertainment’s Child of Eden (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3), and Lumines Electronic Symphony (PlayStation Vita), and Q-Games’ Visualizer (PS3), you can be sure to expect the same focus on eye-opening visuals and a curated musical experience. Although it’s only a snippet of the full song, you can hear a bit of the custom theme track “Shooting Stars” we recorded in London with Jonathan Atkinson (a core member of the late-George Martin’s production team) and Nami Miyahara (singer on Genki Rockets’ “Heavenly Star”).

The game is currently slated to surface in May 2018, and we look forward to unveiling more surprises and announcements between now and the game’s release. Again, this game has been a long, long time in the making, and it’s a real labor of love. If people can learn to love our characters like we do, and that care carries over into the real world, we all win. Everyone working on the game is naturally nervous with anticipation, but also super excited as well. We hope you’ll find Jupiter & Mars a compelling experience worth showing a little love.
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