Review: Oh My Godheads (PS4)

Review: Oh My Godheads (PS4)


  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PC

Platform/Hardware Used:

  • PSN Download
  • PS4 Pro
  • HDTV


  • DualShock 4 Required (1)
  • Move None
Title: Oh My Godheads
Format: PSN (3.1 GB)
Release Date: December 5, 2017
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Titutitech
Original MSRP: $14.99 (US), €14.99 (EU), £11.99 (UK)
ESRB Rating: T
A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.
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This game is silly.

Silly and annoying.

Before you think I’m being unfair and mean I should point out that it is only on one particular level and one evil Godhead. The rest of my family believe it to be the best level ever, probably because the Godhead seems to hate me, and only me.

Oh My Godheads is an odd game. In the first mode, called Capture the Head, we have to get the Godhead onto our team’s plinth. The other team and maybe some obstacles stand in our way as some of the heads don’t like to be picked up and one even messes with the laws of time. The first team to score five points, wins.

Controls don’t take long to master as there is a charge attack, some frantic slashing with the character’s melee weapon, and a pie (bomb) throwing move. There’s also a dodge move that is often forgotten but can be helpful as it doesn’t slow the character as much as the charge attack, which brings the character to a complete stop at the end.

The rounds can be over very quickly with a skilled pass or lucky dodge. A timer counts down so it keeps everyone on their toes and there are a few crazy power-ups in some of the modes that often throw a spanner in the works for everyone. One particularly nasty one can wipe out most players with unavoidable strikes.

Stupidly fun and frustratingly crazy are some words that better describe this zany game. The one level that irks me features some narrow walkways suspended in mid-air with a Greek Godhead that intermittently zaps anyone nearby not holding the darn thing, which seems to always be me.

My family loves to see me get zapped by the lightning and it’s the one area where I rarely prevail. I could make my life easier and switch the Godhead but my family won’t let me. Each one brings something different to the game. As I mentioned before, one doesn’t like to be held and will explode if held too long, while another is very heavy but can easily roll.

There is also an invaluable jump move. I almost forgot to mention it. It’s perfect for dodging some attacks and intercepting a thrown Godhead. There are also a few ledges and gaps that need to be traversed which can be very difficult or impossible while carrying certain Godheads.

Killing the other team sends them back to their starting location after a slight cooldown. This is often near your plinth so some quick thinking tactics or perfect team placement is needed to get past the enemy. Some wild hacking and slashing and running over the fallen enemy can work too.

There are some one-player trials with bronze, silver, and gold rewards. A few can be quite tricky but there is something to be gained from going for the golds. Surprisingly, there is a Platinum Trophy, but sadly only the first player can acquire them.

Oh My Godheads allows for the triangular blood to be turned off, which is nice if you want some younger players to join in. The graphics are simple and distinct and I very rarely loose where my character is in all of the mayhem.

One gripe is with the camera, it pans and zooms to keep everyone on-screen but that can sometimes make the characters tiny as one or two areas are quite large. It also pans away from a character a bit too quickly and sometimes they get left behind for a brief time.

The wife and I often laugh at the inappropriate victory gyrations, especially if said victor is stood over a corpse. After a goal (I guess it could be called that) there are a few seconds of play allowed for a quick victory run or a revenge attack. This often leads to laughter as it happens in slow motion.

Now that I mention the altering of time, there is one tricky Godhead that messes with it too. Constantly slowing or speeding up time making for some insane gameplay and lots of laughter.

I half expect the Benny Hill music to kick-in once we start chasing each other around since it has that crazy and silly vibe. Aside from a countdown, there isn’t really any speech to speak of, but in a game like this, you don’t need any.

The music and sound effects are good and add to the crazy on-screen antics, so that’s all that matters.

Oh My Godheads is strictly local play only unless you want someone to join via Share Play. A total of four players can compete in any team formation they wish. This has seen me against the wife and kids on a few occasions and in one or two of those, I won.

This game works best with four players and thankfully I could fill the occasional gap with a CPU controlled player, but they aren’t the cleverest opponent.

My kids love the Last Man Standing mode and the youngest has become quite a tricky player and wins more than her fair share of games. This one pits everyone against one another in a free-for-all battle. These matches can be over rather quickly as some areas are quite small and our starting locations are just a charge attack away.

I would have liked some more variety of power-ups and a few places to hide from the unfair random projectile item, or a shadow to show where they will land, even just a brief one that would make it less annoying. The Headhunters and King of the Head modes are also fun but my family seems to gravitate towards the others.

Altering the match settings lets me change what items spawn and their frequency. I got rid of the annoying fish-bomb-projectile-thing and gave everyone a pie bomb to start which made for some hilarious opening volleys. Sadly our PlayStation profiles aren’t linked to the characters and so no progression can be tracked.

Oh My Godheads has succeeded in becoming another local multiplayer game that my family enjoys playing on a regular basis. With characters such as Dave the Skeleton, a Ninja, and even a Monocle and top-hat wearing Penguin running around throwing pie bombs, you know this game doesn’t take itself seriously and that’s part of its charm.

It has snuck into our family gaming night rotation and will remain until the lack of variety begins to sour our enjoyment. It might not have a huge stable of characters, locations, and heads but it’s ridiculously fun – apart from the evil Greek head, I swear that thing hates me.

When the family is unavailable I like that I can play against CPU-controlled opponents, but they aren’t very clever and sometimes just mindlessly stand still or follow predictable patterns. I would have liked a way to earn new items and accessories for the characters, just something to strive for. Sadly there is nothing of the sort.


* All screenshots used in this review were taken directly from the game using the Share functionality on the PlayStation 4.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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