Rock Down Memory Lane With DJMAX Respect DLC

Three new DLC packs have launched for DJMAX Respect. These packs, titled the Trilogy pack, Clazziquai pack, and Technika pack, add content from previous DJMAX games. Each pack comes with a handful of new songs, note skins, gears, profile accessories, and missions. The new missions even include some crazy new ways to play DJMAX Respect, based on the game the songs come from.

The Trilogy pack content is based on DJMAX Trilogy, originally for the PC. Trilogy was meant to accumulate songs from DJMAX Portable, Portable 2, and Online but also included some new music. This pack for Respect adds twenty of those songs to the game along with a selection of missions based on the missions in Trilogy for $14.99.

Clazziquai pack adds new stuff from the DJMAX Clazziquai game on PSP. Originally meant to be an entry-level game in the franchise, Clazziquai licenses music from the Korean band of the same name plus plenty of original songs. Twenty-three songs from DJMAX Clazziquai make the transition to DJMAX Respect and a few missions in this DLC add an “FX” mode, which emulates the 4 button FX mode in the PSP game where the L and R buttons were added to the game. The Clazziquai pack is $19.99.

Finally, the Technika pack comes from the first arcade DJMAX game. Released as part of the Metro Project around the same time as Clazziquai and Black Square on PSP, DJMAX Technika was the first foray into the arcade for the series. It featured two monitors, one of which was a 22 inch touchscreen to play on and another larger TV for spectators to watch. In DJMAX Respect, the Technika DLC adds twenty songs from the arcade game as well as missions with a special mode. These missions even emulate how the arcade version would pick the last song in a setlist when playing the game’s Technical mode. The Technika pack is $19.99.

Also out is a smaller add on which features music from the Guilty Gear fighting game series. Available for $4.99, this add on comes with three tracks from Guilty Gear Xrd and Guilty Gear Overture, as well as a few note skins, gears, and profile accessories based on the Guilty Gear franchise.

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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