Review: Sumo Gamer Corduroy

Review: Sumo Gamer Corduroy

Product: Sumo Gamer Corduroy
Release Date: September 2015
Manufacturer: Sumo Lounge
Original MSRP: $479.00
This product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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Sumo Lounge specializes in bean bag chairs. They’ve mastered their craft and continue to iterate and make a diverse line of furniture using foam beans. It’s impressive when looking at their catalogue, seeing the different ways they’ve made bean bag chairs something for all ages.

The product I’ve had the chance to use over the last month for review is the Sumo Gamer Corduroy, an oversized chair aimed at gamers.

Before we get into the actual chair, it’s important to go over the shipping and set-up process. The chair arrived via UPS in a gigantic box that, while large, was not anywhere near the final size of the actual chair because it’s compressed to fit inside for shipping.

Weighing around fifty pounds, the box can be a bit of challenge to fit through some doors, but once you get it inside, you can begin the unpacking process. The first step is to unseal the beans from their vacuumed pack and begin to fluff the cloth bag they reside in. You do this to allow air flow in and help the beans decompress faster. Once the chair begins to take shape you can put on the machine washable cover and you’re almost there.

Now you won’t be able to just sit down right away because the decompressing process can take three to four days to finish. You can speed this process up by fluffing and rotating the chair from time to time. I did that and was able to get the chair into its final form in about two days.

Once in its final form, I was able to actually test the chair out and I can say it is super comfortable. I “tested” the chair in various ways – watching movies, taking naps, and of course, playing video games.

The chair is perfect for, well, lounging, I absolutely love watching movies and shows while sitting in it which often leads to naps, a lot of naps. I found myself opting to nap in the chair as opposed to on my couch or bed. I am 5′10” and average weight and the chair is big enough to accommodate me for naps. It’s not big enough to take anything longer than a nap because eventually you’ll move and wake yourself up as part of you falls off the chair, but overall it’s MJC nap approved.

It’s is marketed as a “gamer” chair and this is where I think it’s a bit lacking. As a chair to play games in I don’t think it works. I tend to play games as an active activity and I prefer to sit in a chair and support my back while playing. I’m an attentive person while gaming and there is no back or neck support with this chair. You lay more lazily in this chair and that doesn’t mesh well with my play style.

I couldn’t play any competitive games like Overwatch in this nor could I do more intense games like God of War. I had to find more passive gaming experiences to match how I felt sitting in the chair. If you are a more passive gamer then this should work depending on your TV set-up.

The chair stands at 30 inches tall which will flatten over time as you sink more and more into it. So obviously how low you end up will affect your view of the television depending on how your living room is arranged

I feel that for this to truly be a chair for gamers it needs more support like a back or something harder to compliment how active gaming can be for some people.

The chair is advertised as being easy to maintain and it succeeds in that department. The corduroy cover is easy to keep clean and it’s also machine washable.

The beans themselves always bounce back to their normal form even after a long sitting session. The chair will flatten as one would expect and if you leave it alone it will slowly take shape again. Sometimes this can take a long time, but I found just giving the chair a quick flip and shake will bring it back to normal.

I am amazed that after almost a month of use it’s still capable of looking like it did day one. I’ve had cheap bean bag chairs before and they always hit a point of no return, a point where the chair isn’t able to bounce back and the Sumo Lounge has not hit a point of no return. It continues to bounce back every time.

With a suggested retail price of $479, the chair is on the expensive side though since I’ve had it for review I haven’t seen it higher than $279.99. That may sound pricey for a bean bag chair, but it’s a high quality piece of furniture.

It’s not the best for gaming and that definitely hurts the overall score, but as a comfortable piece of furniture to watch movies and relax in, it’s fantastic.


Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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