E3 2018: What We’re Hoping to See

E3 2018: What We're Hoping to See

E3 2018 is almost upon us and the ‘Countdown to E3’ has begun, so I thought it might be nice to find out what the team is hoping to see.

Please note this article was compiled before any leaks or announcements were revealed and is purely speculation.

So, in no particular order, here we go.

Dave H.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Another entry in the Watch Dogs franchise
4. Update on Skull & Bones
3. Dreams release date
2. More solid info on Anthem
1. Borderlands 3

Biggest surprise will be: God of War story based DLC (similar to the Frozen Wildlands DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn).

Would laugh if: Sony does a battle royale mode in one of its tops franchises.

Very worried about the battle royale trend and how companies are going to spin loot boxes since they aren’t going away.

Shawn H.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. FF7 remake details and trailer
4. Kingdom Hearts 3 release date
3. Rocksteady’s next project
2. Sony’s next exclusive title
1. A new game from Nintendo that forces me to buy a Switch

Biggest surprise will be: If Sony released very little info and waited for PSX.

Would laugh if: No remakes/remasters were announced. I’m still on the fence if I like/hate the trend.

In other news:

Josh L.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. More PSP to PS4 conversions
4. Playable MediEvil
3. Killzone Trilogy (plus the PSP game) Remastered
2. Resistance Trilogy (plus the PSP game) Remastered
1. Release date for Dreams

Biggest surprise will be: PlayStation Plus restructuring with different tiers to include PlayStation Now, Vue.

Would laugh if: All my predictions came true.

I’m really interested in what Microsoft will show. Are they just biding their time or will they try to salvage things and create some forward momentum going into the next gen?
Josh L., @PJFJosh
Josh L.

Andy R.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Ghost of Tsushima
4. Square Enix’s Avengers game
3. Final Fantasy VII Remake
2. Monster Hunter World expansion
1. Bloodborne 2

Biggest surprise will be: If Destiny 2 can make me care again.

Would laugh if: Some game tries to add a battle royale mode where it really shouldn’t be.

Placing bets on how many booths promoting a new blockchain technology will be there…
Andy R., @andyscout
Andy R.

Ben P.

Top five games I want to see:
5. New FW announcement
4. Days Gone
3. Last of Us 2
2. Next HW reveal (PS5, PS VR2, Vita2 anything hardware wise)
1. Dreams

Biggest surprise will be: If nothing HUGE leaks ahead of the show (everything always leaks). But the biggest surprise would be a PS5 reveal given the amount of speculation going on now for the next HW lifecycle release.

Would laugh if: PlayStation announces Cross-Platform play with Microsoft.

We all know the Devolver Digital presentation will be the best one again this year.
Ben P., @cnpalmer75
Ben P.

Podcast Episode 655 – Samurai Batman

Rey and Glenn talk about some new PS5 rumors, while we’ve got hands-on with Watch Dogs Legion to discuss as well. Reviews for Crosscode, Iron Man VR, and Ghost of Tsushima. Comedian is Greg Geraldo


Matt E.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Any story driven Star Wars game
4. Good PS VR games
3. Anthem and signs Activision has learned from the mistakes of Destiny 2
2. Ghost of Tsushima
1. Days Gone

Biggest surprise will be: Another Marvel Game

Would laugh if:

Most people are skeptical about Days Gone. The creative director recently said in an interview that it was not the zombie game people are expecting and the open world is different than other open world games. Sony Bend needs to bring it this year and show that. They need 10-15 minutes of awesome gameplay during the press conference that gets people excited and talking.
Matt E.

Chazz H.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Mad Max sequel from Avalanche Studios
4. Dreams beta ‘out now’ and release date announcment
3. Borderlands 3, since that awesome tech demo I desperatley want to see the actual game
2. Some new indie games like Overcooked 2 and Flame Over 2
1. Vita/PSP 2

Biggest surprise will be: PlayStation Now price drop and two-weeks early play on new ‘selected’ PS4 games for subscribers. PlayStation Plus incorporated too. Basically, what I said last year.

Someone from Microsoft appearing on the Sony stage (or vice versa) to announce Cross-Platform Play.

Would laugh if: Microsoft neglects to mention the only known game, Crackdown 3, that I actually want to play.

I doubt it will happen because Sony has given up on the portable market but I want a new Vita/PSP 2. If Nintendo can do it, Sony can too.

I can’t wait to see more on Blood & Truth and many other PS VR titles. Lastly, I want to see improvements to the Wishlist in the Store and the ability to gift games to friends.

Chazz H., @ChazzH69
Chazz H.

Michael C.

Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Something I never heard of before
4. Death Stranding
3. Spyro Reignited
2. Cyberpunk
1. Spider-Man

Biggest surprise will be: A Wonder Woman game from Rocksteady. I mean they have to be working on something and it can’t be Batman again.

Would laugh if: I would crack up if we only get a CG trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake.

Sony is downplaying their showcase this year, so I don’t know what to expect from them. I think I am looking forward to seeing if this is the year Microsoft finally does something. It has been a rough go for them and everyone keeps waiting for them to do something, anything!
Michael C., @The1stMJC
Michael C.

That’s all folks, I hoped you enjoyed the post and didn’t mind my constant wish for a new Vita.

Why not let us know what you’re hoping to see during E3 2018?

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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