E3 2018: Ghost Giant Trailer and Details

Before we get lost in the deluge of E3 2018 news Zoink Games just released a brilliant new trailer for Ghost Giant. Check it out below and stay tuned to PS Nation: for more news on this adorable PS VR game and many others during the week and beyond.

“Ghost Giant is Zoink’s take on VR. No crazy roller coasters or zombie shooting, just you and your tiny friend going through a warm story about being there for someone else”, says Klaus Lyngeled, CEO and Creative Lead.

Be The Protector of Louis
At its heart, Ghost Giant is a heartfelt story about trying to keep life together with a little help from a very big friend. It’s a new kind of puzzle adventure where you – the Ghost Giant – are the protector of the lonely little boy Louis. Invisible to everyone but him you can explore his world and help him and the citizens of his hometown.

”I’ve always wanted to become friends with a game’s characters and with Ghost Giant it really feels like that – with VR I am inside the story, I am this little guys giant buddy!”, Klaus continues.

Your Own Dollhouse
Using your enormous hands you make Louis’ hometown your own little dollhouse sandbox. Move furniture, vehicles and trees and open up entire buildings to reveal stories going on inside. Meet colorful personalities like the crime author owl looking for a muse, a grumpy old goat guarding that key so you desperately need and the self-appointed magpie master thief.

From Novels to Video Games
For the creation of Ghost Giant, Zoink has teamed up with acclaimed writer Sara B. Elfgren. Known for mastering a lot of different formats, Sara has worked her way through novels and fiction podcast series via children’s books and horror screenplays. Her Engelsfors series, written in collaboration with Mats Strandberg, has been translated to 25 languages and published in over 30 countries.

“It’s incredibly challenging and fun to tell a story through such a different and immersive media, and involving an accomplished writer like Sara Bergmark Elfgren from the start has just been a blast”, says Olov Redmalm, Creative Director.

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