E3 2018: Hands-On with Destiny 2: Gambit

E3 2018: Hands-On with Destiny 2: Gambit

Destiny 2 has been under a lot of scrutiny pretty much since launch, with lack of end game content and lacking a reason to sign in daily, weekly, and even monthly. Over the past few months, with numerous patches, those issues have slowly begun to fade a bit. On September 4, 2018, Destiny 2‘s next major expansion, Forsaken, launches and in presentation it appears to change a large portion of the game. Random rolls on weapons are returning, as well as a revamped mode system, and weapon slot changes, to highlight a few of these changes.

While at E3 2018 I was able to go hands on with one of Destiny 2 Forsaken‘s newest modes called Gambit. Gambit is a PvP and PvE activity mixed together. It’s a team of four against another team of four. Each team begins the match with a cutscene where the NPC flips a dog tag to tell you which enemy race you will be fighting against.

Once the match starts you are killing PvE enemies that drop motes when killed. Players collect these motes and begin to stack them up. You then have the option to bank motes or to keep stacking them on your player. If you collect and bank five motes you send a small enemy to the other team side. You can bank ten motes and send a medium sized enemy as well as banking fifteen motes sends a large enemy. The risk/reward to this is dying makes you lose all motes.

With Gambit Destiny 2 really wants to deliver something new and different, merging its great PvE content with is solid PvP content. Gambit will have its own story line and new a NPC character called Drifter.

Your overall goal is to bank seventy-five motes and kill the boss that spawns at that point. The PvP wrinkle is while banking motes you have the ability to open a portal that allows a player from your team to invade the other team’s map and kill the opposing team’s players, slowing down their progression to bank motes. Players can only invade for thirty seconds, or until they are killed by the enemy team. The overall goal is to be faster than the other team at killing your boss. You play best of three and first to win two is declared the winner.

I was able to play one three round match of Gambit this week. I had a limited load out. I was a titan using the new striker subclass tree that has yet to be named. I was able to mess around with the new weapon slot changes but didn’t really have enough time to give a solid impression of this. I was able to use the new bow weapon type, but not enough to really speak on it much.

Gambit is fun, but Destiny already is fun. The unknown for me is the rewards you get from playing Gambit. That is where the real fun is. Destiny is a game about loot. The loot you get from doing an activity needs to make you feel strong and powerful and all while also looking cool.

Communication in Gambit will be huge. The activity does have matchmaking but, similar to a lot of Destiny activities, this will be much more fun with friends than playing solo with randoms. Gambit will be a playable activity right at launch of the Forsaken expansion and will also grant powerful rewards for completion. Bungie was not going into detail about how level progression will be working and changing in its newest expansion.

I was able to get them to confirm that Gambit will be a replayable activity, with event specific rewards. Those rewards will also have Gambit specific perks. Destiny 2 is also trying to bring the rewards to the end of the activity vs the current system that gives you tokens that you turn into a vendor.Triumphs and bounties will be added over the next few months and this will also impact your reason to continue to enter Gambit on a regular basis.

I will have more time with Destiny 2 Forsaken during the rest of E3 2018 as well as talking about it on the daily recap podcast.

Written by Dave Hunt

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