E3 2018: Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown – Teaser Trailer

Check out this upcoming talbetop game called Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown for PlayStation VR. Take a look below and stay tuned to PS Nation for more news on this game and many others during E3 2018.

We are so pleased to finally be able to tell you about our new PS VR title: Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown!

It’s an adventure RPG that brings tabletop gaming to life in virtual reality – a true digital tabletop RPG that sees the player take their place at a virtual table and determine the fate of a party of scoundrels as they venture through a world of swashbuckling and sorcery!

Table of Tales invites you to take a seat at the ultimate roleplaying game tabletop – one that can literally come to life before your eyes, dynamically changing as your adventure progresses.

Our history is deeply intertwined with tabletop gaming with many of our releases reflecting this, so we’re really excited to be taking the next leap forward in this area of gaming by making a really fantastic digital tabletop RPG for VR.

Seated at the mysterious, magical table, you will take control of a party of scoundrels, making tactical combat decisions and determining the scoundrels’ fate whenever they encounter trouble. True to our narrative roleplaying roots, Table of Tales features a story that is shaped by the decisions you make – the game is highly replayable, with different outcomes to explore.

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