E3 2018: Hands-On with NASCAR Heat 3

NASCAR Heat 3 is the continued evolution of the Heat series. Each installment of the game brings exciting new features and this year the focus is on the career mode.

Every track and driver from the different NASCAR circuits is included. Two-player split screen remains a key feature in as well.

Drive line is a new feature added to the practice mode. This allows you to get comfortable with the game and the tracks but it’s not available during the actual races. You can also race with stability assists on or off. Turning them off allows you to customize how you want to drive. NASCAR Heat 3 also has nine preset stability settings that you can choose from.

Changing the stability settings really changes the way you drive. With all stability assists on, the game felt super easy to just drive and pass other drivers so banking the turns did not matter as much. However, with all the assists off, it felt like a completely different game. Controlling the car through turns and passing other cars is a lot more difficult without the assists.

Dynamic AI allows the player to progress slowly in game. An example of this is that the game gives you a speed rating that changes race by race, thus changing how the AI races with you. This is a great way to get one more comfortable in racing without getting discouraged by getting creamed every race.

There’s also a random pre-race penalty given to drivers after the qualification just like in real NASCAR. In the preview a driver had unapproved body modifications and was moved to the back of the field for the race. This will only happen to your AI racers, not to your driver.

A cool feature allows you to get the feel of a fifty lap race in twenty laps. you can choose to do the 500 lap four-hour race or set the game to do a shorter lap race but still have to make all the changes and pit stops of a full race.

NASCAR Heat 3 has a strong emphasis on creating a driver, which is the career mode, where you have to move yourself up the ranks. You start with the most basic car on the dirt tracks of North Carolina, where you try to build yourself up to a team owner/Driver of an elite racing team.

The Xtreme Dirt series is a fantasy series created for this game. This builds up from a hometown feel all the way into an elite NASCAR racing team.

The online community is a growing group of players that continue to play and NASCAR Heat 3 will build on that by adding tournaments and competitions among its growing racing fans.

NASCAR Heat 3 launches on September 7, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Written by Dave Hunt

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