Review: EWin Flash XL Size Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair

Review: EWin Flash XL Size Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair

Product: EWin Flash XL Size Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair
Release Date: January 17, 2017
Manufacturer: E-Win
Original MSRP: $479.00
This product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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For quite a while now, if you happen upon a livestream from someone that streams often, you’ll probably see them sitting in a chair that looks as if it’s been lifted out of an actual race car. This always confused me a bit, and maybe because I’m old and used to traditional office chairs for desk use, I never gave a thought to getting a gaming chair for myself.

I’m steadily losing weight but at the moment I’m hovering at around 275lbs and the piston on this chair is rated for 330lbs, so already things are looking good! Historically, my process at home would be to buy a traditional office chair and use it for about a year, even though six months in, the piston would begin to fail, making the chair slowly sink.

This would require me to stand-up and pull the lever to raise it up again, usually a few times per day. Eventually though, it would completely fail, forcing me to buy a replacement. So over the last few years, I’ve probably gone through four or five chairs for my desk, costing me at least $120 per chair. So even though this Flash XL retails for $449, if it can last longer than the chairs that I’ve had in the past, the price will be worth it.

EWin sent me a message about possibly reviewing one of their gaming chairs so I checked their site and noticed their XL models, which piqued my interest. They offered to send me one so that I could review it, and honestly, I got a tad excited at the prospect, mainly for the possibility of getting a more durable chair than I’ve been able to find in the past.

I’d seen some of this brand in streams and videos in the past, and since I was planning my Red Dead Redemption stream already, I figured that could be a perfect test for sitting twelve hours straight.

When it arrived, I was pretty taken aback at the size of the box, and for a second or two I even wondered if it was already assembled.

I quickly came to my senses and realized that it wasn’t, and I’m very thankful for that, because this thing is built like a tank. If it had already been assembled, I may have needed help getting it up the stairs to my office.

I opened the box downstairs and brought it up in pieces, which immediately revealed how well all of the parts are manufactured. I even said to myself, “These guys aren’t screwing around.”

Assembly took me about fifty minutes, but my left arm and hand don’t work very well, so assembling just about anything takes longer than average for me.

As I cleaned out the box holding all of the bolts and other parts, I even chuckled when I saw that they included a pair of white, cloth gloves to keep from any errant fingerprint smudges. All of the parts were easy to keep track of and it all seemed pretty straightforward.

My only disappointment though, was with the included instructions. At times, they were a bit tough to see and/or understand. They decided to use real pictures, but I think that some drawings and diagrams could have afforded them a bit more flexibility for some of the more detailed instructions.

I only messed one thing up, and I caught it right away, but diagrams probably could have helped avoid my troubles. It’s a small issue, but I think that could definitely help in the future.

This model includes two small cushions that can be added or removed with a quick-clip strap, one for your neck, and another for lumbar support.

Mine were already clipped into place when it arrived and they can quickly be moved and adjusted to your liking. Initially they felt weird to me because I haven’t ever used a chair with cushions like this before. I’ve really grown accustomed to them now though and they’re pretty great to have.

Raising and lowering the chair is a common practice if you’ve ever used one like this before, but there are also two other features included in other spots. First, a tension knob underneath the front of the seat will allow you to use the rocking feature to your desire, and there’s also a lever on the right side that allows you to adjust the reclining angle of the back, just like in most cars nowadays. I LOVE THIS!!

It can actually recline all the way back, and I never feel like I might lose balance at all, thanks to an incredibly sturdy base. The casters are oversized and even roll very well on my carpet, which is incredibly rare.

Both armrests are ridiculously, and easily, adjustable as well. They can be independently raised and lowered, shifted forward, back, and side-to-side, and you can rotate them, which I haven’t seen before on a chair like this, but I like it.

The base isn’t the only part that’s sturdy though, this chair is high quality from top to bottom. The steel construction and leather-ish upholstery feels better than any office and/or gaming chair that I’ve sat in before.

Even in the crazy heat that I was subjected to during my Red Dead Redemption stream, it never became uncomfortable. No matter how I sit, it never feels like something could give way, and that’s a first for me.

I laughed a bit when I saw that some of these chairs were obviously modeled after seats in racing cars, but when you sit on this for a while, you realize that was a genius idea. I do actually want to hook a 5-point seatbelt up somehow though, just for the looks of it.

I sit in this chair for at least eight hours a day for work and it never bothers me to stay in it longer to do some gaming, because it’s fantastically comfy.

The only negative that I could possibly come up with is probably the price, but honestly, it’s justified with this exceptional build quality. I’ve been using this chair for about six weeks now, and I can’t find anything that I’d want to see changed.

I’d personally have no problem paying the price, knowing that this piston will last longer than three months. It really feels like those yearly chair purchases won’t have to take place anymore, and that alone makes the purchase worthwhile.

On top of that though, you’re getting a fantastic chair with a lot of features, and with a construction quality that can’t be beat. I’m even thinking of purchasing a second chair for my living room, just to use with my racing wheel and stand.

So, this old dog has actually been convinced that a gaming chair can be a good thing to have. There have been some crazy ideas in the past, with speakers attached by your head and such, but this is just a solid piece of equipment that will help stave off fatigue for your longer gaming sessions or your time at your desk while you work.


Here’s some good news if you’re considering purchasing a chair from E-Win! Just go to their website, order the chair(s) that you want, and use code PSNation for 10% off of your order!


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