PlayStation VR Title Operation Warcade Gets Physical in September

PlayStation VR Title Operation Warcade Gets Physical in September

Operation Warcade came to the PlayStation Store back in April and now the nostalgia filled love letter to arcade light gun games is getting a physical release as it hits the retail shores of North America on September 4, 2018 for $29.99 (USD).

Developed by Ivanovich Games for VR, Operation Warcade puts players directly into an old arcade for a shooter with over 100 missions across 36 levels. The game includes support for both Move and PS VR Aim Controllers to really up the immersion as you stand in front of a virtual arcade cabinet, blasting waves of enemies.

And speaking of immersion there’s an Immersion Mode in the game which seems pretty cool. It warps you into the screen and puts you directly into the arcade game at certain points. This looks like a fun way to bring light gun games home again so I’m all for it.

Check out the full press release below:

Operation Warcade
Mindlessly blow away enemies in this new reimagination of classic arcade gaming

BARCELONA, SPAIN – Aug. 8, 2018 – The nostalgia of classic arcade shooter game experiences from the 80s is back with a blast, as militaristic side-scrolling game Operation Warcade shoots to VR. Coming to North American retailers on Sept. 4, 2018 for PlayStation®VR, Operation Warcade is designed specifically for virtual reality (VR) and pulls players into over 100 insane missions across 36 unique levels. Players can make the most of the arcade experience without the need or hassle of stealing quarters from their parent’s dresser.

From developer Ivanovich Games and publisher Perp Games, Operation Warcade pits trigger-happy players against a seemingly endless amount of enemies in a two-way rain of bullets. If mowing down foes using a trusted Uzi in one hand and grenades in the other isn’t a player’s style, they can also take opponents out with an arsenal of other weapons, including bows and a gravity gun.

Operation Warcade features:
Immersion Mode – After shooting various immersion points through each map, players are warped into the environment, putting the player directly behind the steering wheel of a jeep, in the cockpit of a military jet and other intense situations;

Retro VR Feel – With over 10 hours of gameplay, Operation Warcade brings the rush of nostalgic arcade-style play to gamers in an all-new experience built from the ground up specifically for VR platforms;

Hardcore Mode – Once players have mastered the art of taking dudes out repeatedly, they can go gung-ho in hardcore mode, where each environment is condensed into a single level with a limited number of retries;

Online Leaderboards – Players can compare their kills to others through an online leaderboard to see who’s the biggest bad ass of them all.

“We have fond memories of making trips to the arcade to spend coins for hours of fun, and we love having that feeling again with Operation Warcade” says Mickey Torode, director of publishing at Perp Games. “VR’s ability to fully transport you, like you’re standing in front of a classic arcade machine, is fantastic – and it goes even further, letting you literally step into the machine.”

Operation Warcade will be available for PlayStation®VR for $29.99 at North American retailers on Sept. 4, 2018. The game is compatible with PlayStation®Move Controllers and the PlayStation®VR Aim Controller. Operation Warcade is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

Written by Josh Langford

Josh Langford

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