God of War Novel Available Now!

Few can argue that the story in the latest God of War adventure isn’t one for the annals of gaming history. Kratos evolved more in this one title than, quite possibly, a combination of the previous games in the series.

If you’re among the many who can’t get enough of the ensemble introduced in this year’s tour-de-force, the PlayStation Blog has announced that a novelization of the game is available now (in physical and digital format). The novel will dive deeper into the relationship of Kratos and his son, as well as develop the character, Freya, further.

The blog also provided an interview with the author, J.M. Barlog. See what he had to say below.
What drew you to write the new God of War novel?

Having worked as a story consultant on God of War II with Cory and Dave Jaffe, I got the wonderful opportunity to not only work with my son, but also delve deeper into the Kratos character and the emerging storyline. As it turned out, Cory won a BAFTA award for God of War II so for me, it was a no-brainer to take on the latest God of War novel.

His story fascinated me far beyond the gameplay and the journey. It offered a rare opportunity to plunge deep into the inner psyche and conflicts of a father/son relationship during a violent era. In all facets of life, it’s the human relationships that challenge us the most. Understanding people is paramount to understanding life.

What might readers expect from the novel over the game?

I chose to dissect the father/son relationship for these complex characters to an extent that goes well beyond the game. Additionally, Freya emerged as a particularly fascinating character to the story, one that allows readers to appreciate the nuances of character not obvious to the gamer during gameplay.

Did you inject any part of you into the novel?

All writers, either consciously or unconsciously, reveal glimpses into their psyches through their writing. God of War offered me a unique opportunity to combine the insights into my mind with glances into Cory’s mind as a young child growing up.

The novel is also available in audio format, with the the voice of Mimir, Alastair Duncan narrating!

Will you be embarking on a literary adventure with Kratos? Let us know in the Forums or on Twitter using #AskPSNation.

Source: The PlayStation Blog

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