Neue | A Subsidiary of Secretlab Specializing in Mesh Chairs

Check out the images for Neue mesh chairs. These seem like a perfect choice when using the PlayStation VR headset or working at my desk. Take a look below at the details and stay tuned to PS Nation for more news on this and much more.

International gaming chair company Secretlab today launched a new subsidiary Neue, specializing in computer mesh chairs. Neue(pronounced ‘noy-yuh’) translates to “new” in German and stands for our belief in the new movement of computer chairs, created using industry-leading, next-generation manufacturing technology. In developing the NeueChair, we selected only top-of-the-line materials, kept the truly useful features, and introduced a super-intuitive way of making adjustments to a chair.

In order to ensure maximum consistency, the NeueChair is manufactured on a semi-automated assembly line, with input from German automotive engineers to ensure a never seen before level of build precision in a chair. This, alongside the premium materials and parts that we use in its construction, makes us confident enough to offer a 12-year limited warranty alongside each NeueChair.

The NeueChair is engineered to be the ultimate modern computer chair—fully ergonomic, intuitive to use, comfortable— all combined into a stunning design to cater to any user who spends long hours seated at work. Each NeueChair is equipped with authentic premium materials and parts, such as:

NeueMeshTM: Our special premium 3-layer mesh blend is created by combining top-grade polyester fibre and DuPont yarn, and optimized for long hours of usage, feel on skin, and long-term durability.

ADC12 aluminum alloy—a metal used in modern manufacturing for its harder, greater tensile strength yet lightweight properties—for the chair’s supporting structure (wheelbase and backspine).

The NeueChair Obsidian version comes with yet another layer of industrial plating for extra durability and ultra-resistance to corrosion.

Class IV hydraulic piston from SHS, the go-to choice for all premium task chairs. We’ve added an extra layer of protection (by carburizing) to further reinforce its long-term durability.

Not just all looks, the NeueChair is also fully adjustable and ergonomic with intuitive adjustments at your fingertips. Prefer keeping your back upright and staying focused, or looking to lean back into a relaxed recline?

Simply squeeze the ControlShiftTM hand levers to adjust to your preferred height (right lever) or to lock/unlock the backrest tilt (left lever), as well as alter the depth of the seatbase with a push of a button, located at the side of the seatbase.

Each NeueChair will also come with a 12-year limited warranty, and is available in two variants:

  • Silver—which retails at USD$699 (UK £649) but is available at a launch/Black Friday pricing of USD$549 (UK £499).
  • Obsidian (with further industrial plating of the aluminum frame to make it ultra-resistant to corrosion)—retails at USD$799 (UK £749), but available at a launch/Black Friday pricing of USD$649 (UK £599).

    Available to order now on (only for US) and on Secretlab’s website (UK site).

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