Wushu Studios Announce Collaboration with Lucid Games

Wushu Studios, a new studio in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool, England, recently released some information on a new game of theirs; Switchblade is, as described by Wushu in their press release, a “fast-paced, pulse pounding vehicle combat MOBA.” To help some of you visualize what that looks like, here’s a trailer!

Let’s recap, for those who may not recall everything. Wushu Studios is a Liverpool-based studio formed in 2017, made up of former Evolution Studios developers, the fine folks behind Driveclub and the MotorStorm series. On the other hand, Lucid Games is a studio formed in 2011 comprised of former Bizarre Creations developers. Bizarre Creations was the studio behind the critically acclaimed Project Gotham Racing series, as well as Geometry Wars, and the vastly underrated Blur. Wushu also took to Twitter to speak a bit more in depth about what they’ve got going on and how this collaboration came to be.

Switchblade is currently available in Early Access for PlayStation and Steam, if you’d like to jump in and give that a try. If you do, there are also exclusive PS Plus extras for those subscribed to the service. (And of course you are cause why wouldn’t you be?)

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