Episode 602 – Home Is Where The Fallout Is

Episode 602 - Home Is Where The Fallout Is

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Bethesda Replacing Nylon Bags
December PS Plus Update
Contest Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC

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Tuesday, December 11
Gungrave VR – ‘Loaded Coffin’ Edition $39.99 (T)

Friday, December 14
8-Bit Armies: Limited Edition $69.99 (E10+)
PlayStation VR – Borderlands 2 and Beat Saber Bundle $349.99 (M)

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Review: Hitman 2 (PS4) (M)
Review: Halloween Forever (PS4/PSV) (E10+)

Arca’s Path (PSVR)
Fallout 76 (PS4)

What We’re Playing and Watching

Hey guys, platinum Clapton here.

Feedback….I like the bumpers between segments in 601, but the choices of audio leaves to be desired. The editing is good, Dave’s wife is doing well there, but just find some better transition jingles please. Some of them were jarring or weird.

Request, would like a monthly interview with Glenn. I’m not sure Glenn would do awesome in a 4 person setting, but a monthly interview with one of the 3 hosts, seeing what he’s up to, etc and just inserted like an interview would be cool.

Where’s MJC’s wrestling wrap up?

MJC have you heard “A complicated song” by weird al?

So you were talking about the mini map… (from Just Cause 4)

So at midnight today (Monday) I get a code from amazon with instructions. I go to a link, from there it says I have to log into my Square Enix account to add the code.

I do that and I then unlock the mini map. I’m redirected to an unrestricted URL. You can see the underwhelming Amazon preorder bonus…an “awesome” 3 page PDF.

Page one is art, page 2 is a mini map, page 3 is the same statement in various languages.
I thought you all might want to comment on how awesome this pre-order bonus from Amazon was. I pre-ordered before Amazon stopped the 20% discount, so I got it cheap. Glad the review scores indicate the game isn’t horrible as the reviews dropped after the game had shipped.

Platinum Claptin (Joe)

Twitter Questions/Comments

#AskPSnation any chance Josh can give the Steve Carell ‘Office’ a shot? Asking for a friend…

#AskPSnation Recently got a PSP 1000 after my 2000 died. Love how it feels less plastic than the newer models. Just wondering what some of your favorite games for the system are?

SOCOM or Warhawk Battle Royale possible? #AskPSnation

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32:10 Arca’s Path
40:30 Fallout 76
1:08:35 Super Mega Baseball 2
1:08:50 Guacamelee! 2
1:09:20 Rush VR
1:16:35 Just Cause 4
1:22:55 Darksiders III
1:23:09 Battlefield V
1:23:50 Destiny: Forsaken
1:32:55 Scuf Vantage
1:38:35 Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII
1:39:10 Tetris Effect
1:39:30 Marvel’s Spider-Man

Written by Josh Langford

Josh Langford

Josh has been gaming since 1977 starting with the Atari 2600.
He currently owns 26 different consoles and 6 different handhelds (all hooked up and in working condition) including all consoles from the current generation.

Josh is currently the US PR & Marketing Manager for Fountain Digital Labs and has recused himself from any involvement on PS Nation arising from posting or editing any news or reviews stemming from FDL.

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