Red Dead Online Store Officially Open

Red Dead Online (RDO) launched in Beta just a few weeks ago and many players are having a good time in it. There are definitely some issues still yet to be worked out (gold and platinum still sell for next to nothing), but Rockstar are on the case. One feature, however, was conspicuously absent when RDO launched: the online Store.

Upon completing the first online mission, players were rewarded with a gold nugget, a smaller piece of a Gold Bar. The RDO tutorial made it clear these nuggets would eventually become a Gold Bar, the “premium currency” of the Wild West. Once you have enough Gold Bars, they can be used to expedite the grind for good weapons, clothes, horses, etc in Red Dead Online. Of course, being the premium currency, Gold Bars can simply be bought with real world money.

Now, as of today, it would seem the Red Dead Online Store launched with no announcement. Poof! It’s just suddenly there. As one would expect, the store has Gold Bars at various prices from $9.99 for 25 up to $99.99 for 350 bars. There is also a “One-Time special offer” which gets you 25 bars for $4.99, half price. If you think you’ll want some gold bars at any time, there’s no word on when (or if) this deal will disappear, so I would say grab it quick.

It’ll be interesting to see how the addition of a Store affects (or breaks) Red Dead Online’s economy. Keep your eyes peeles, cowpokes. This is going to be one to watch.

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