Prepare For A Hawaiian Shakedown In 2019

Vblank Entertainment notably known for their Retro City Rampage game, released a new video for the upcoming release Shakedown: Hawaii. The new trailer highlights getting to the “mission” and then taking care of business and putting in work. Accompanying the trailer was also some good news for PlayStation Vita fans, the game will still be released physically for Sony’s handheld and will also be Cross-Buy AND Cross-Save with PlayStation 4… oh and PlayStation TV support is thrown in there too for good measure.

Checkout the trailer here.


Read the press release below.

A new trailer for Shakedown: Hawaii has just landed!

PS VITA?! PS VITA?! Don’t worry!! The PS Vita physical edition of Shakedown: Hawaii is still on the way! Although PS Vita manufacturing is coming to an end, Shakedown: Hawaii is gonna make it! That’s not all: It’ll also be Cross-Buy digitally on PS4+VITA, with Cross-Save… and support PS TV!

But… that new trailer is still just but a taste! If you missed it, watch October’s trailer too. It dives deep into the game — revealing the world, story, empire building, characters, and customization. It’s the biggest trailer yet!

Shakedown: Hawaii is coming Q1 2019 to consoles & PC.
Stay tuned for more updates!

Written by Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer

An avid video game enthusiast who loves collector’s editions, retro gaming & the history of this great hobby.

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