Skorecery Coming Exclusively to PS4

GrappleHook Games is launching Skorecery exclusively on PS4 on February 5, 2019. Skorecery is a mystical arcade game inspired by platform fighters and classic retro games. You can play with up to four players while competing to destroy your opponent’s runes.

From the Press Release:

Players must race to gain control of the Arena’s ball to fire away at their opponent’s Runes. The sorcerer with the most Runes at the end of the match will be crowned as the victor. Before facing off, magic wielders must choose from a diverse selection of Spells that can be used to alter their running speed, create barriers, and more. These offensive and defensive abilities can be used to secure the lead or save your team from near defeat.

With simple-to-learn controls and deep mechanics, Skorecery is built for players of all skill levels and a natural fit for both friendly gatherings and competitive tournaments. Match rules are fully customizable, allowing creative players to select the layout of the Arena as well as modify the physics of the ball and player’s abilities. Skorecery also boasts 4 distinct Modes for those that want to get straight into the action.

Skorecery’s Key Features:
-Friendly and competitive local multiplayer battles with gameplay that takes seconds to learn and countless hours to master
-Fast-paced and tense duels, team skirmishes, and free-for-all matches
-Vast variety of Spells, Modes, and Arena layouts for infinite replayability
-Game-modifying Curses that allow players to change rules of the match, physics, and abilities
-Intricately designed audio dynamics that adjust to match intensity

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