Review: Chimparty (PS4 PlayLink)

Review: Chimparty (PS4 PlayLink)


  • PlayStation 4

Platform/Hardware Used:

  • PSN Download
  • PS4 Pro, iOS/Android Device
  • HDTV


  • PlayLink Mobile or Tablet Required
  • DualShock 4 Required (1)
  • Move None
Title: Chimparty
Format: PSN (5.1 GB)
Release Date: November 13, 2018
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: NapNok
Original MSRP: $19.99 (US), €19.99 (EU), £15.99 (UK)
ESRB Rating: E
A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.
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Chimparty needs to be linked up to a compatible Android or iOS device and uses the associated app to control the game. Up to four players can link up and play but there’s also an option for a solo player, which is nice.

My wife and kids wanted to join me in the first game and I jumped at the chance, although the youngest couldn’t as her phone needed charging. We assumed it would require the gyroscopes and waving the device around like in the older PlayLink titles so we told her she had to sit out of this session.

We were wrong as the only thing we needed to do is to tap, or press and hold, a large button on the screen and occasionally open a present with new cosmetic accessories for the cheeky monkeys. It was too late by the time we realized and so it was just three of us and a computer-controlled character.

We opted for the Game Board Mode and found the rules easy to understand. The first, second, and third places are each awarded bananas with the chance of gaining some extra bonus points along the way.

Review: Chimparty (PS4 PlayLink)

The player in the last place rolls a die to select the game to play and occasionally disrupt the positions by swapping with another player or moving ahead a couple of spaces.

The board isn’t very long but still manages to squeeze in several games, which have all been easy to understand and a barrel of fun. There’s even an option to practice each minigame should the brief description be too confusing.

Some games throw the players into two teams, which generally results in a few heated remarks as teamwork is needed and an accidental button press can mean disaster. There have been a few crazy games where I accidentally scored in my own goal or left my side of the court wide open because my monkey totally missed the gigantic ball.

It’s all fun and laughter by the end of every little game and the potty humor always makes us chuckle, like when we make the monkeys go that bit further in Monkey Shot by tooting, or as my kids like to call it, bottom popping.

A couple of the little games require the players to paint the play area with their own color and the highest percentage wins. The Monkey Shot has us launch the monkeys into the air to break hanging vases, while tooting for an extra little boost.

Review: Chimparty (PS4 PlayLink) Review: Chimparty (PS4 PlayLink)

There are eighteen minigames in all with five themed variants ranging from pirates to wizards. These put some cool and crazy twists on the games and keep it from becoming repetitive. You can even play in a Solo Challenge against Orangu-Bob where you face off against the AI with the large grumpy ape hot on your heels.

Chimparty is a fun and colorful experience with zany themed minigames which are all easy to understand. People young and old should be able to enjoy the silly primates and even the mean orangutan.

The app is nice and simple with a big hard-to-miss button that anyone could cope with. Swapping out footwear and other accessories is easily handled within the app. I would have liked a few more novelty items to go for and the option to perform a few emotes between levels.

A nice little voiceover compliments the crazy antics and fun music during your Chimparty experience. The sound effects are silly and fun, especially with all the tooting on certain games.

This game features no online component but allows for up to four players to partake in the silly games. While I would have liked to play this online with friends and random players, I’m happy that the device connectivity works very well without a single issue to report.

Review: Chimparty (PS4 PlayLink)

Chimparty is a great local multiplayer game and it works well with the PlayLink app on compatible iOS and Android devices. Almost every age group can easily play this crazy title and the little minigames are easy to understand.

There’s a good amount of variety to keep the enjoyment going for several weekends of family fun. The simplicity of just tapping or pressing the large digital button means there is no annoying phone waving or swiping to contend with.

Chimparty is the best of the PlayLink bunch that I’ve played and it’s a good value game for all the family to enjoy. I highly recommend it.


* All screenshots used in this review were taken directly from the game using the Share functionality on the PlayStation 4.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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