Rocket League Cross-Play on All Platforms

Rocket League, the rocket powered car soccer game we all know and love, finally has cross-play available on all platforms! Psyonix VP of Publishing Jeremy Dunham took to the PlayStation Blog to announce that Rocket League is joining the PlayStation Cross-Play Beta Program alongside Fortnite. Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and now PlayStation 4 players can all matchmake together in all online modes.

Cross-Play should be enabled by default, but for those who may want to disable, or just be sure it in enabled, the Blog post has instructions on how to check those settings. Dunham also announced that cross-platform parties will be in the first update coming to the game this year. This will allow players on separate systems to party up before going online with just a few button presses.

After Sony announced Cross-play was coming to Fortnite as a “Beta Program”, the jury was out on whether or not this program would extend to other games. Sony said the program would, but it took so long to get to Fortnite, many of us wouldn’t have been surprised if Fortnite was the only game to get Cross-Play. Rocket League and Minecraft were the logical next in line for the CP treatment, so if Minecraft does get Cross-play, it may well set the bar for multiplayer games in the future. Cross-Play could possibly become a new industry standard.

Are you interested in this? Were you one of the players waiting for Sony to open up Cross-Play? What other games would you like to see become Cross-Play compatible? Let us know in the PSNation Forums.

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