‘Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid’ Pre-Orders Live

Pre-orders for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid are now live on the PlayStation Store in the Americas. Follow the links below to pre-purchase your copy and guarantee yourself and exclusive Green Ranger V2 character skin and digital art book.

Standard Edition

Collector’s Edition

This all-new Power Rangers fighting game experience comes to us from developer nWay, creators of the hit mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars which boasts over 45 million downloads.

In Power Ranger: Battle for the Grid, players can expect to compete in 3v3 matches akin to the Marvel vs. Capcom games or Dragon Ball FighterZ. The game will also feature a story mode where each fighter has their own story. Check out the announce trailer below.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will feature cross-platform play when it launches on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in April 2019 with a PC release planned for later this year.

Written by Emrah Rakiposki

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