Firestorm Finally Coming to Battlefield V March 25

Battlefield V, DICE’s live-service WWII shooter, has been chugging along since it’s launch late last year. At the time, their announced Battle Royale mode wasn’t ready for the world to see, despite the game being delayed from October into November. Now, that time has come.

Battlefield V‘s take on Battle Royale, Firestorm, named for the ring of fire that will be slowly closing in on the play area, will blaze trails later this month. Supporting solo and squads (16 teams of four) form day one, Firestorm will feature 64 players on “Battlefield’s biggest map ever,” Halvoy. Battlefield V co-developers Criterion says duos will be available some time in April. Until then, players will be able to complete objectives to call in reinforcements like a bombing run or gain access to vehicles like tanks, helicopters, and …tractors? Yes, tractors.

The trailer itself is more of cinematic than gameplay. In fact, it’s entirely cinematic, showing off the different regions of Halvoy, some of the different weapons and vehicles in the mode, and how the ever-shrinking ring of fire can decimate the landscape.

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In other news:
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