Prima Games Acquired by Asteri Holdings

Prima Games, thought to be shutting their doors soon, will survive into a new age. A recent acquisition will keep the company going, although they won’t be publishing physical books anymore.

Prima Games, the almost 30-year-old strategy guide book company, announced last year that they would be discontinuing production in spring 2019. To many, this spelled the end Prima Games and the end of an era. Now, however, it seems Prima will live on digitally. Asteri Holdings, a development and analytics company, announced earlier today that they have acquired Prima Games and stated that they will continue to publish new content to the Prima Games website.

“On its face, the Prima site will continue to function as a gaming portal serving up gaming news and player tips for fans of all ages,” Asteri founder and CEO Steve Gray said. “Beginning today, as part of the Asteri consumer testing network, Prima Games will also serve as a hub for game creators to gather critical player feedback on projects in development. It’s truly a perfect fit for the Asteri network.”

To many, Prima Games held some nostalgia as one of, if not the final company printing physical guide books for video games. Parent company Penguin Random House came to own both Prima and their biggest competitor BradyGames and in 2015 merged the two together under the Prima banner. While it is good to see the company will live on and, more importantly, the people there won’t be out of jobs, it is still a bit saddening to see that there will no longer be print guide books. As it stands, Anthem may be the last Prima guide book on store shelves.

What do you think about all this? Will you miss seeing those guide books on the shelves of your local bookstore? Got any nostalgia for Prima or guide books in general? Let’s talk about all that and more in the Forums or on Twitter using #AskPSNation.

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