Marvel’s Iron Man VR is Happening for PS VR

PlayStation’s first State of Play started with a showstopper when Marvel’s Iron Man VR was announced for PS VR. Developed by Camouflaj, Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a full Iron Man experience dropping players into Tony Stark’s shoes and iconic suit.

The game promises to put players on a globe trotting adventure to face ghosts from Stark’s past and face off against iconic villains in a full VR experience.

On the PlayStation Blog, Ryan Payton, Director at Camouflaj said the following:

“From the very first day on the project, our team in Seattle has maintained an unwavering commitment to leverage the strengths of VR while enabling players to feel like the world-famous hero. We have focused on making flying, shooting, and epic Super Hero actions feel natural and powerful on PlayStation VR. When you get your hands on the game later this year, I hope that you, like those on the team who have played early development versions of the game, take off your PS VR headset, smile, and say, “Wow… I feel like Iron Man!”

Marvel’s Iron Man VR will arrive later this year. Currently there’s no release date or price point, but we can expect more information later this year.

What’re your thought’s on Marvel’s Iron Man VR? Are you excited by another partnership between Marvel and PlayStation? What hero do you want a game for next?

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

Just a nerd from the Windy City. I’m actually really bad at describing myself because I get all self-critical and self-conscious. Follow me on Twitter, @The1stMJC, to see my borderline insane rants on tv shows and other non important subjects. If I’m not tweeting I’m probably just watching Buffy or Firefly for the millionth time.

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