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Product: NeueChair
Release Date: November 2018
Manufacturer: NeueChair Pte Ltd – Distributed by Secretlab (UK Site)
Original MSRP: $699.00
This product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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My daughter tricked me into “borrowing” my TITAN chair from Secretlab so this NeueChair is a blessing. It arrived on next-day delivery in a large and heavy box. The packaging kept everything nice and secure and took only five minutes to unpack and put together. Yes, just five minutes.

I would say another helping hand would be good for some people, as the chair and packaging weighs in at 64 lbs. After slotting in the sturdy and silent casters into the wheelbase, followed by the hydraulic piston, all I had to do was slot in the pre-assembled chair.

The wheelbase and frame are Silver Polished ACD12 Aluminium, which is mainly used for intricate and high-strength engine components. There is a magnificent Obsidian Plated version for extra durability, which comes with an added cost for this rare and beautiful material. I must mention the 65mm PU casters, equipped with noise-reduction caps, as these beauties are the same ones that adorn my TITAN chair and still to this day, after eighteen months of constant use, are smooth and silent.

Compared with my TITAN, I much prefer this one when using my Playstation VR headset as it doesn’t obstruct my movement. It also doesn’t stick out as much when tucked into my desk. A distinctive and sleek design draws the eye and the contrasting silver and delicately crafted mesh keep it from wandering, making it a talking point for everyone who visits.

Now that I mention it I should elaborate on the NeueMesh, a three-layer mesh combining polyester fiber and DuPont yarn that feels flexible yet strong. With every other office chair, I found the cheap plastic frames would dig in through the horrible fabric and, on a hot day, become very unpleasant after mere minutes of sitting. The NeueChair is a blessing, as the mesh offers breathable and firm support, like a mother gently cradling her newborn.

I have suffered from a bad back for years, in part thanks shoddy office chairs. Since I had the pleasure of reviewing the TITAN chair, my constant back pains have lessened and my posture has improved. Even after a week, I can tell the NeueChair is just as good, if not better.

Nestled between the frame and mesh is a height-adjustable lumbar support, combine that effective component with two ergonomic settings that allow me to push the backrest forward and slide the seat backward. This “Focus mode” feels extremely comfortable as it tucks my body deep into the chair and provides unparalleled support.

Just under the armrests of the chair are two ControlShift levers; one adjusts the height of the chair, and the other unlocks and locks the backrest tilt with a satisfying click. These are much better than the clumsy traditional options on cheap chairs that usually break or weaken and give way with a modicum of pressure.

The NeueChair is a glorious achievement in design and offers a degree of comfort beyond any other office chair. There are several ergonomic adjustments that can be made, allowing for excellent lumbar support.

The beautiful design is pleasing on the eye and gives the entire seat and backrest room to breathe. An elegant and strong frame rests on a Class IV hydraulic piston from SHS, which is secured into a tough and silent wheelbase and castors. All of which I cannot fault.

The quality in both my TITAN and this NeueChair is unrivaled and I cannot choose between them. So, my daughter decided for me and stole the NeueChair for her room, which does look nice tucked into her desk full of art and design paraphernalia. I must admit, the “Focus mode” is not only great for my back but also lets my little progeny sit properly in the chair. Although, I might have to pinch it back for my VR sessions.


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