Hands-on: Warhammer Chaosbane

I can say with great confidence that Warhammer Chaosbane is on my list of games to play this Spring. I had a chance to spend some time with the beta and played some same-couch co-op. And while the beta I played only allows for us to play with two classes (the warrior and the wizard), I could already tell that this was going a welcomed title in the very barren genre of console hack-and-slash RPGs.

We went straight into the action and found a system with competent controls and a visual style that respects the source material (trust me, you always know Warhammer when you see it).

One thing that I really missed when playing hours and hours of Diablo was the notion that my sword actually cause the damage to a monster, and not projectiles flying from my character. On PlayStation 2, Champions of Norrath was excellent about my character’s weapons appearing to cause damage, and not glowy energy coming from it.

Chaosbane takes me back to that. While my wife was playing as a wizard, and she naturally used fire to take our the enemy, I ran around actually hacking and slashing my way through the swarm of bad guys. This connection adds to the feeling of visceral combat, and Chaosbane appears to be on the right path with this.

While it is a little early to make any final judgement on the game, and we were only able to play with two classes, it’s pretty clear that Chaosbane is on the right track to make a name for itself as a hack-and-slasher worth playing on the PlayStation 4, when it launches on May 31.

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