The Division 2 Raid Does Not Allow Matchmaking (for now)

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s first Raid content is finally open. The raid, called Operation Dark hours, is the highest tier endgame content in The Division 2, and will test the strength and communication of its 8-player groups. Unfortunately, you’ll have to manually find players to group with as there will be no matchmaking for Dark Hours.

Title update 3 released not long ago, and with it a whole host of new content and changes (read all about that here), not the least of which was a new countdown timer to the release of the new Raid. What wasn’t included in any of those patch notes, State of the Game streams, or communicated well from the developers was that the Raid would not allow matchmaking. This news actually came from Twitter (where most of the real news lives).

Check the tweet below:

This became a hot topic for discussion in the game’s social spaces, especially on the Reddit page. There is a new Megathread all about the subject.

Thankfully, the folks at Massive Entertainment are, as usual, abreast of the situation and already discussing and looking into ways to implement a grouping feature specifically for the raid. In a recent video stream, which you can watch here, Associate Game Director Chadi El Zibaoui game a few scare details on why they chose to go this route:

You need to be sure that the team you are going to work with has microphones, speaks the same language, has the proper gear to support the team. It’s not about a simple matchmaking as we do for the missions. A mission or any other content, you can eventually do with randoms, and you will manage to beat that content. For the raid, if we deliver such matchmaking, it will be tougher, if not impossible, for you to beat the content.

It will be worth waiting to see exactly what they decide to do for grouping up. In the meantime, there’s always the PS Nation Forums, if anyone out there is trying to find a raid group, or just trying to squad up in The Division 2. Or, if you want to talk about the raid elsewhere, feel free to hit us up on Twitter using #AskPSNation.

If you’re looking for a raid group on twitter, Massive are offering a little help, as they have setup a special Looking for Group hashtag on twitter, #LFGDarkHours.

In other news:
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