Red Dead Online PS4 Exclusive Content Revealed

Last week, Rockstar Games announced Red Dead Online would finally be leaving it’s “beta” state, for whatever that means in 2019. At the time, the hinted at some exclusive, “Early Access” content coming to PlayStation 4 players sometime in the coming weeks. Well, now we’ve got details on what that early access content is, thanks to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

According to user R*Q, the new early access will include a new weapon called the “Ancient Tomahawk,” more new clothing and emotes, a new horse and saddle to match, and some new Showdown Modes.

The Ancient Tomahawk is just what it sounds like; a new kind of throwable tomahawk. Acquire it free-of-charge from any nearby fence. The new Perlino Andalusian Horse can be “bought” for free from your nearest stable, or “ordered” through the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue in-game. The Perlino Andalusian has a higher starting stamina rating, making it a good choice when going on long rides or racing other players. You can also get the “Boast” and “Hey, You” emotes from the Catalogue and equip them for use through the Emote Wheel.

If you really enjoy that new tomahawk, good news: take it into Showdown Mode Make it Count! One of the new Showdown modes is a variant on the already established Battle Royale-adjacent Make it Count, but this one only allows Ancient Tomahawks. The other new Showdown Mode is called Last Stand, and is yet another free-for-all variant, but here players will fight to survive in a small arena for two-minutes at a time. Up to 7 players in a bout, first to win two bouts wins the match.

PlayStation 4 players can access any of this content right now, and additionally, any players who join and play in a Posse before May 27 will be gifted five Gold Bars. Go on, cowpokes. The west awaits.

Does any of this new exclusive stuff interest you? Let us know in the PS Naion Forums or on Twitter using #AskPSNation.

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