Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery Launches Today

Cryptic Studios is releasing the Rise of Discovery expansion for their long running MMORPG Star Trek Online today. Releasing for the first time on consoles, for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery takes place before the first season of Star Trek Discovery, and will feature the liknesses of Jason Isaacs (Captain Lorca) and Rekha Sharma (Commander Landry). Two brand new episodes, which takes place before the Battle of Binary Stars leads the new content in this expansion.

Two New Featured Episodes – All of the game’s captains can participate in two brand new playable episodes which take place in the Star Trek: Discovery universe.
“The Plausibility of the Possible” – Players will rescue the U.S.S. Buran, led by Captain Gabriel Lorca and Commander Ellen Landry, after the Starfleet ship is attacked by Klingons.
“Impossibility of Reason” – Star Trek Online captains will team up with Landry on an urgent mission to rescue Lorca from a desolate ice moon before he is apprehended by a Klingon search party.
Star Trek: Discovery Characters – Rise of Discovery features original voice acting from Star Trek: Discovery’s very own Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter film series, The Patriot) as Captain Lorca and Rekha Sharma (Battlestar Galactica, Alien vs Predators: Requiem) as Commander Landry.
New Reputation – Console captains can explore a new Tier 6 Reputation, “Discovery Legends,” which allows players to earn exciting new Discovery themed rewards. All of the Discovery Task Force Operations will now feature Advanced and Elite versions that have been converted to support this new reputation and pay out Discovery Legend Marks.

You can find Star Trek Online on the PlayStation Store for free right now, and find hours upon hours of authentic Star Trek action and drama.

Written by Shawn Hiers

Shawn Hiers

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