PS Nation-Ep-630-Bounding for Trophies

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EA Execs Give Up Bonuses
Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Revealed and Eververse changes
Ape Escape Tease

New Releases
Tuesday June 25th
Death’s Gambit $24.99 (T)
Judgement $59.99 (M)
Samurai Showdown $59.99 (M)
Monster Jam Steel Titans $39.99 (E)
Super Neptunia RPG $49.99 (T)
Car Mechanic Simulator $29.99 (E)
The Sinking City $59.99 (M)
Friday June 28th
F1 2019 Legends Edition $69.99 (E)
July 2nd
Will: A Wonderful World $39.99 (M)
Tour de France $39.99 (E)
Final Fantasy XIV $59.99 (T)

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What We’re Playing and Watching
28:50 Destiny 2
29:26 Bloodstained
31:10 Riverbond
41:28 Astro C40 Controller
51:00 The Sinking City


Twitter Questions/Comments
#AskPSnation what was your best moments at e3? And do u feel u had and disappointing moment at this year’s conference.

Randy Pinnock Do you guys think that backwards compatibility to PS1/2/3 is kinda over hyped? I understand to PS4, but at this point I’d much rather a good remake of the classics.

Erik Chorn Where did you guys end up eating at during E3? #hardballquestion

Darren Curtis Do you think that after the ps5 Sony will not make another console but will make another vr this seems the logical thing to do

@jabscold Is there any franchise you’d like to see revived for the next generation? I’d love to see resistance myself.

Will Housemarque be acquired by Sony and make a PS5 launch title?

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Written by Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt

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Helping people in games is the most fun I have ever had.

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