Episode 633: Game Genie Hypocrite

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Black Desert Online PS4 Release Date
Man of Medan Will Have Multiplayer
Psychonauts 2 Delayed
Halo Creator Announces New Studio/Game

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Tuesday July 23rd
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Friday July 26th
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Wolfenstein: Youngblood $29.99 (M)
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21:16 Apex Legends
22:07 Overwatch
27:08 Void Bastards
39:36 Destiny 2

Hey guys,

Couple of items…

1) I have the PowerA charging stand for my PS4 controllers. Can the C40 use that also? Or would I have to plug in via a USB cable only?

2) I bought launch destiny 2. I like the story, never gone on a raid. What version will I need to buy to get all the story content if I don’t care about the events they keep releasing during the year. Any clarification?

3) loved the Torgocast, once a month would be awesome

4) I would love to hear deep dives on specific games where you play a game and talk about what your doing, spoilers and all. I won’t watch streams but would listed to someone playing a game if you could make it intersecting.

Thanks Joe ( from google voice)…

Do you want me to keep leaving those messages?

Twitter Questions/Comments

Ben Warren
Is the 20 dollar price point worth picking up the PS Classic?

Steffan Wren
Just started to play Detroit Become Human, I had forgotten how good the storylines Quantic Dreams created. This is now my second favourite game by them behind Fahrenheit. What is your favourite?

Dave Walters
Thoughts on Brock Lesnar getting another title run? 😁

Joe Cartwright
What’s your guys thoughts on Save Wizard ps4 max? Reminds me of that old game shark.

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Dave Hunt

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