PlayStation Plus August 2019 Update

Check out which games will be included in the August update for PlayStation Plus. Remember you can voice your opinions on these Plus games in the comments section below and in our forums. These games will be available to download from August 6, until September 2. Remember, July’s PlayStation Plus games, Horizon Chase Turbo and Detroit: Become Human will still be available to download until August 5.

WipEout Omega Collection

Review – “As someone who skipped 2048 on the Vita, I was really impressed and finally being able to play it on a console with a controller was worth the price of entry. Even as someone who has played dozens of hours of WipEout HD/Fury I had no problems returning to those games because the visual enhancements help make everything almost feel new.

The Omega Collection is a lot of game. There’s more than enough content here to keep both newcomers and longtime fans entertained for a while and we can only hope this is just the first step towards a full-fledged sequel down the road.” – Michael

Sniper Elite 4

Review – “The Sniper Elite franchise is certainly a special one with a long and storied history. Although it has yet to reach the popularity or gain the following of other military shooters, the release of Sniper Elite 4 solidifies the series as one of the genre’s top players.

Rebellion Developments was able to take a single sniping mechanic present in most shooters and expand it to craft an entire stealth experience. Sniper Elite games are elevated with each installment and I’m excited to see where the franchise is headed next.” – Emrah

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